Whole Home Remodeling

A Custom Transformation

Thoughtful changes to your current property will transform any space into your dream home. As you grow and your tastes change and evolve, you are deserving of an environment that is better suited to your current needs. At Alair, we specialize in residential home remodeling. When you partner with the experienced builders at Alair, we will help identify how to make the greatest difference in your daily life through innovative custom home upgrades. With the ease and transparency of the Alair Homes System, you can confidently make changes while keeping the elements of the home you love.

Trusted Design & Remodel Professionals

We are a team of design-remodel professionals dedicated to creating the space your family envisions. We work hand in hand with each client to design and construct a home better suited to your exact needs. Whether your goals include making large structural changes to your Richardson home, reconfiguring a small bathroom in a home in Allen to increasing your storage, or adding updated and automated home features to increase efficiency throughout your home, we have successfully helped homeowners throughout the Dallas area. We will listen to your ideas, strategize to successfully overcome any challenges in your home and find the right path toward creating the home of your dreams at a price you can afford. To learn how we can assist you with a whole-home remodel, request a consultation or call us at 214-281-8800 today.

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