08 Dec Turn Your Holiday Wish List into a Blueprint for a Home Renovation

In Custom Home Renovation, Home Remodels by alairhomeshuntcountry

Move over, partridges in pear trees! This holiday season, we’re flipping the script on the classic ’12 Days of Christmas’ and giving it a home… Read More

24 Oct Designing Timeless Luxury Homes: A Fusion of Aesthetics and Accessibility

Luxury home buyers are not just looking for opulence; they want a home that grows and ages gracefully with them. Just like we aim to… Read More

13 Apr Same Address, New Home

Same Address, New Home “Location, location, location” is the rule of thumb among real estate agents, and for a good reason: it matters where our… Read More

08 Aug This Old House Made New: Breathing New Life Into Pre-loved Homes

In Custom Home Renovation, Home Remodels by alairhomeshuntcountry

For some people, the realization of the American Dream means crossing the threshold of a newly constructed four-bedroom home in a new, neatly planned community…. Read More

10 Jan Renovation Realities: What It Takes To Complete A Whole Home Remodel

In Home Remodels by alairhomeshuntcountry

If you have been spending a lot more time in your home this past year (as we all have) and thinking about all the ways… Read More

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