Same Address, New Home

“Location, location, location” is the rule of thumb among real estate agents, and for a good reason: it matters where our home is located. Your home holds years of memories, brings with it wonderful neighbors, and even a beautiful scenery—but sometimes your house no longer functions the way you need it to.  

From living day-to-day in your home, you know what works and what doesn’t. You might love how much storage you have but maybe not where it’s located. Your downstairs bathroom may rarely be used but you’ve dreamed of having a wine cellar. You’re tired of bumping into your spouse as you are cooking a meal in your crowded kitchen. Your parents are aging, and you want to move them into your home. 

You want to keep the same address but need to breathe life into your home. 

 Same Address, Increased Value 

 A whole house remodel is no easy task. It requires time, money, continual and open communication, and perhaps a short-term relocation for quality architectural design and reconstruction processes to realize your dream. 

Where do you start? A team of experts can help design your forever home to become pleasing and efficient by eliminating wasted space and adding the unique features and upgrades you dream of every day.  

Renovation is less stressful when you choose a team who takes the time to get to know you personally and has your best interests at the forefront of everything they do. Your design build team should have proven experience working together and managing the voluminous amount of project tasks, schedules, selections, and design discussions. 

When your home is efficient and makes you happy, its value increases—both in cost-savings and by enhancing your quality of life. 

Same Address, No Surprises 

Involving you in the entire design and selection process, ensures no surprises when you return to your “new” home. You will have an accurate vision of the completed project in your mind because you have been involved in the planning and design throughout.  

A good team will always get to know you personally, assess and incorporate your unique needs into designs, and build your home with intention. Every element of the redesign should be carefully selected and agreed upon by everyone on the team – including you. Additionally, your builder should know your community and have trusted relationships with vendors, reliable crews, community leaders, and local artists. 

In the end, the dream home you’ve built from construction discussions in your mind should be the dream home you find when you come home for good. 

 Same Address, Dream Come True

Luxury Renovations Home Remodel

The owners of this whole house design/build remodel project needed a more efficient and modern home—but didn’t want to change their address. 

The home needed a fair amount of work to achieve the homeowner’s dream of improved flow, system efficiency, and modern design—requiring a design that incorporated the entire interior and exterior of the home.   

Interior layouts changed to meet their needs and rooms were reimagined to create more efficient use of space throughout the home. Local artists crafted murals and unique décor.

The exterior transformed from a red brick colonial to a stately home with an upgraded building envelope. The new roof, windows, front entry portico, rails, and custom composite shutters took the design and efficiency to the next level. 

Your Address, Your Forever Home

Home of a remodeled house in Loudoun County, VA.

Want to keep your address but need some changes to make it your ideal forever home?  From vision to concept to plan to construction, we take custom home building and remodeling to a new level. Thoughtful planning. Intelligent design. Personal touch. That’s the Alair Homes Hunt Country difference. Begin making your dream home a reality. Schedule a consultation today! 

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