The latest design trends in custom homes are an eclectic mix of formal and informal, along with a celebration of natural light inside. Some of the classics, like white kitchen cabinets are giving way to more muted hues while living rooms are going darker and more traditional.

Kitchen Trends

Thanks to high-efficiency windows, window walls have become popular in new custom homes. It’s hard to overvalue natural daylight in the kitchen. Cabinetry that makes use of every square inch makes it possible to sacrifice a wall to windows. Cabinet designers have thought through their designs so that kitchens don’t need as many drawers or cabinets for the same amount of storage.

All wood kitchens made an appearance in the area in 2018. They use medium-stained wood for the cabinets, walls and ceilings. If you love wood, this is one of the design trends to explore. Although it could be monochromatic, your collection of colorful glass, pottery, or textiles to display will balance out the looks.

People who like it bright in the kitchen have a new white from which to choose. Instead of the bright white cabinets, millwork companies are now offering a creamy or off white that’s just as pleasing.

In the Master Bath

Something as simple as putting the shower controls in a different position can eliminate that uncomfortable blast of cold water each time you turn it on. Combine it with a separate designer tub that has its own space and you’ll have a functional and luxurious bathroom. Although it’s not the newest of all the design trends, an electric or gas fireplace accent near the tub brings a whole new level of relaxation.

How about adding a drying station just off the shower that includes a linen closet and a seating bench. A floor drain removes the drips and a skylight supplies natural illumination.

In the Living Areas

Go casual and eclectic by mixing textures and sheens on the furniture and flooring. There’s also a movement in the opposite direction where the room is formal from the ceiling to the floor.

People are also breaking long-standing design trends like light and airy rooms by going with darker colors and heavier fabrics. You might be able to achieve the look on a smaller scale by simply using wood planks to cover a wall. High-quality wood tongue-in-groove works well.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re considering a new custom built home or a remodel, these design trends might as functional as they are pleasing. We at Alair Homes are here to discuss these trends and your ideas to help you create a comfortable and enjoyable home.