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There are many trends to consider when designing a kitchen, from seating arrangements to new appliances. However, you need to make sure the design you have in mind will work in your kitchen. Here are several kitchen trends to consider for your custom home project.

Less Upper Cabinets

Reducing your upper cabinets is a great way to create the feeling of more space, but you are going to need alternative storage solutions for your kitchen supplies. Your glassware can be stored in the drawers, but you do need to line the bottom of each drawer. You can also use a pantry pullout for your drinkware and dinnerware.

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Comfortable Seating Arrangements

Your kitchen is a place to gather for meals, conversation and parties, so you want to create comfortable seating for everyone. One idea is to place a small couch in your kitchen, or you can create a breakfast nook with cushioned seating.

Steam Convection Ovens

A steam convection oven keeps your food and leftovers moist and healthy. It also features a mode that allows you to bake and roast your meals.

Induction Cooktops

You can also add an induction cooktop to your kitchen, which features a metal coil under a glass cooktop. It generates energy to heat the bottom of a magnetic pan. It is a safe, quick method of cooking food and boiling water.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is becoming a popular trend in the kitchen. A smart refrigerator takes a photo of the contents and uploads it to an app, and you can view the photo during your shopping trip. Smart ovens and ranges allow you to control your oven or range from any location using your phone.

Column Refrigerators

Do you need more space in your refrigerator or freezer? You may need a column refrigerator for your kitchen, which is a full-sized unit that is only a refrigerator or freezer. You can install the refrigerator and freezer separately or together.

Servo Drive Cabinetry

Servo drive cabinetry is an electrical system that allows you to open a cabinet with a light touch or remote control. You can also install a servo drive trash bin, which allows you to access the trash bin by nudging the cabinet with your knee. It is a great addition to a kitchen with smart technology.

Interior Lighting

It never hurts to install lighting at least 24 inches deep in your cabinets. This allows you to see more of your drinkware and dinnerware.

Touch Faucets

A touch faucet is convenient when your hands are full or covered in food. You can easily turn the faucet on and off by touching it with the back of your hand or your elbow.

Working Sinks

Working sinks come in a variety of sizes, which is why they can be used for preparing food and cleaning up. Use the area for bowls, cutting boards and drying racks.

Black Stainless Appliances

Black stainless is still in competition with stainless steel, but it is still popular among homeowners. It is resistant to fingerprints and looks great with any interior.

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