The tile flooring you choose for your bathroom plays a big part in creating the right atmosphere in this space. It is hard to make a decision when you are browsing through a wide selection of styles and designs, and you still need to keep your budget in mind when renovating your bathroom.

To help you get started, here are several stylish tile options for your bathroom renovation.

Big and Beige

You can create a classic look with big and beige tiles. Bigger tiles are easy to maintain because they have less grout lines. Beige is a neutral shade that never goes out of style. You can even pair them with matching wall tiles. The choices include travertine, porcelain and tumbled limestone tiles, and the shades range from yellow-brown to pink-brown tones. It is best to select tiles that are slip-resistant for your bathroom.

Wooden Design

You do not want to use real wood in your bathroom because the moisture could damage it, but you can use porcelain tiles that resemble wooden planks. You can find the tiles in shades ranging from gray to red-brown to match the rest of your interior. Using porcelain tiles that resemble wooden planks is a great way to create a warm vibe in your bathroom.

Patterned Tiles

You can add a fun vibe to your all-white bathroom with patterned tiles. The selection ranges from vintage-style to Moroccan-style patterns. One idea is to pair a vintage-style pattern with a black border to create a stylish but traditional look in your bathroom. Porcelain and ceramic patterned tiles are great choices because they are more affordable and easier to maintain than handmade cement tiles.

Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are just what you need to make your bathroom stand out from the crowd. Start by bringing home samples to see which patterns are going to work in your bathroom. You need a decent amount of floor space to enjoy a pattern of large shapes. You may choose tiles that create a large diamond pattern in black and white, which looks great with blue wall tiles.

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Slate Tiles

Use black slate tiles to create a simple but timeless look in your bathroom. The tiles are also practical because they are durable and hide dirt. This look also adds charm to your white walls and fixtures. Real slate is expensive, cold and requires regular sealing. Slate-style ceramic tiles are more affordable than real slate, and these tiles are comfortable and easy to maintain.

Square Tiles

If you are looking to break away from the usual rectangular tiles, you can always place square tiles in your bathroom. You can use small beige tiles to create an elegant but quiet vibe. This look is a pleasant change from the large, busy mosaics that are usually found in a bathroom. One idea is to place the square tiles around the bathtub and rectangular tiles around the window. It creates a look that never goes out of style.

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