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The beauty of turfgrass is bound to make any custom built home owner happy as a clam. You may be surprised to learn, however, turfgrass is not only about good looks as you stand to enjoy some environment benefits as well. In this article, we will take a closer look at why most people are inclining towards turf.

Air Quality

Just like any other green plant you have in mind, turfgrass absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen. This directly helps in atmospheric carbon dioxide reduction. Turfgrass helps to supply a fresher breath of air which is something that seems to be in short supply today.  Grass is estimated to also trap about 12 million dust tons annually that would instead pollute the air we breathe. Less dust blowing around is more than welcome, right?

Prevents Erosion

Turfgrass helps in preventing soil erosion, a menace known to cause immense losses in many world economies. Heavy rains and wind are key erosion drivers, but turf has a strong root system that grasps onto soil particles. Note that the dense root system also helps in trapping and getting rid of pollutants that get into the soil – consider this an added bonus!

Natural Air Conditioning

Did you know that lawns are known to offer natural air conditioning? This is because turfgrass naturally supplies the surrounding area with cool air. Unlike concrete and asphalt, turf offers a cool surface where you are free to relax after a long day at work.

Reduces Noise Pollution

Thanks to turf’s sound absorbing properties, you never have to worry about noise pollution as a custom built home owner. You see, grass serves as a buffer zone that neutralizes noise emanating from factories, traffic, you name it. Want a tad more of tranquillity in your house? Turf is the way to go.

Greener Environment

You will agree that issues such as weather pattern change can no longer be overlooked today. The world is focused on going green as sweeping such issues under the carpet will only explode in the near future. You will be playing your part by having a lawn in your custom built home that will go a long way in making the green dream a reality.

Oxygen Production and Carbon Sequestration

For obvious reasons, there wouldn’t be life on earth without oxygen, isn’t it? You will be glad to know that plants, grass included, release oxygen to the atmosphere as a by-product of their food-making process, photosynthesis. This is after absorbing carbon dioxide (a process known as carbon sequestration that helps reduce carbon footprint) that is the primary ingredient plants use during photosynthesis.

Beauty and Safety Enhancement

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A well-maintained, tidy and neat lawn comes with beauty that is second to none. It will even attract the attention of your neighbors and anyone who pays you a visit. Your kids can enjoy playing in the yard without the risk of getting seriously injured. The soft nature of turfgrass reduces the impact of injuries.

Excellent Return on Investment

With proper care, turf is a long-lasting investment that will keep your home always looking in its element. This means that you get the best value from every dime shelled out. Turf has passed the test of time in terms of boosting property value, and the cost of having a lawn will be a small sacrifice considering what you stand to benefit.

Final Thoughts

Here we are! That was not as hard, was it? Gift your custom built home today with a lawn, and all these benefits will be a well-deserved award.