Create an Outdoor Oasis for Your Home This Summer
While summer is about halfway gone, we are all taking this season a little differently. Many are coming off several months spent cooped up indoors, your role doubling or even tripling as parent, teacher, and Netflix aficionado. You have organized and reorganized your closet, filled donation boxes to the brim, and evaluated your home’s aesthetic like never before.

Now may be the best time to invest in cultivating an outdoor oasis for your home that will allow you to step outside and truly relax. Fortunately, Alair Homes has some ideas for ways you can transform your backyard or garage into the stunning and serene space that you desperately need (and completely deserve).

7 Surprising Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Space
Whatever your upscale dream remodel may be for your home’s outdoor spaces, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our ideas for upscaling your home’s exterior layout.

  1. Replace your outdoor furniture to your patio or deck. If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space to one of prestige, consider adding outdoor furniture that is both functional and beautiful, like outdoor loungers found from Manutti. Our team can connect you to a wealth of vendors providing style from sleek to chic, and we will help you determine the best options for your existing space. 
  2. Build a garage that doubles as a Bar. Having a garage is great – it keeps your car safe and free from the elements, but have you ever thought of amplifying its purpose beyond auto storage? Building or remodeling a garage to that has a bar on the outside (with maybe some drink storage on the inside) is the perfect way to utilize space in both a practical and enjoyable way. 

This Preston Hollow backyard was transformed with the addition of a new garage.  The bar attached to the side is solid wood built to entertain large gatherings of their family, friends and church groups.

This is a project that allows you to cater the area to your own unique design aesthetic, while ultimately providing a place to finally perch on a stylish barstool and enjoy your favorite beverage. No need to call an Uber, and you can always rest assured that everybody knows your name.

  1. Add professional landscape lighting or tree lighting. Not only does professional outdoor lighting increase your home’s safety after dark, it also adds an ambience of sophistication and luxury. We know experts in landscape design who can help you cultivate an atmosphere uniquely catered to your upscale outdoor dreams.
  2. Add an outdoor kitchen. If you’re looking to invest in a dedicated home project with huge payoffs, consider the addition of an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Not only will it provide a place to spend quality time with friends or family, it can also add value to your home. This patio remodel with addition of outdoor cooking space enhanced the yard and pool area of this Firewheel home.
  3. Build a luxury fire pit. When the long days of summer hit, there’s no better way to wind down at dusk than seated comfortably by a fire pit. Add some luxurious Adirondack chairs and professionally installed tree lighting, and you’ll feel like you’re on a serene vacation in your own backyard. Did someone say s’mores?
  4. Embrace the summer vibes with outdoor sound system installation. Sure, you could always tote your single Bluetooth speaker to the deck for some summer jams while you grill and chill, but why not go big with a professionally installed outdoor sound system? Enjoy hearing your favorite tunes from anywhere in your yard with surround sound speaker installation!
  5. Makeover your pool with an additional water feature. From ponds to fountains, the possibilities are truly endless. If you enjoy relaxing in the pool, but are hesitant to step out into public for that yearly beach vacation, why not bring the vacation to the backyard? The addition of a serene water feature to your existing pool can really up your summer-oasis game. We partnered up with Aquaterra Outdoors to remodel this pool and patio on a beautiful creek lot in Northwood Hills, Dallas.


Whatever your desired outdoor addition may be, the skilled team at Alair Homes will work with you every step of the way to make sure your end results are nothing short of spectacular. Our team of project managers, matched with the right design, and valued trade partners are committed to delivering the new spaces that you will love.