Dynamic duo (and husband/wife) Chad and Diane Hatfield built (and continue to operate) a successful homebuilding/remodeling company in Texas from the ground up – but it wasn’t always roses.

Join Matt, Chad, and Diane as they revisit some of the most challenging times in building Hatfield Builders & Remodelers before joining the exclusive Alair Homes franchise.

In this episode, they discuss:

00:00 Intro

2:40 Background

4:54 Why Chad had to pivot early into remodeling instead of focusing solely on homebuilding.

7:52 How Chad and Diane built their remodeling business off of a single job (and watched it spider web into multiple projects).

9:33 How they leverage relationships with small communities for tons of repeats/referrals.

17:27 The bar room encounter that changed Hatfield’s entire trajectory.

26:03 What to look for when outsourcing your marketing.

32:00 Chad and Diane’s decision to join Alair Homes.

38:36 – Chad and Diane’s #1 tip for anyone in the home improvement industry right now.

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