Historic Decatur

Award-winning Whole House Remodel of a Historic 1920's Bungalow in Decatur, GA

Located in the Old Decatur Historic District, this 1920s craftsman bungalow had been divided into a duplex. It was in extreme disrepair when it was purchased with a sagging porch, rotting exterior, dark interior and chopped up rooms and required a major renovation to restore the exterior to historic standards.

The Renewal renovation plan called for the interior to be gutted to create an open floor plan with a rustic farmhouse style that included modern conveniences and industrial details. Significant improvements were made to the exterior, while preserving the historic look of the bungalow. The finished home, including the 600 square ft. rear addition, is approximately 2,500 square ft. with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The mix of old and new elements blend seamlessly within the finished product.

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