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Home may be where the heart is, but sometimes it can take a little work before it looks and feels that way. Having a home that is an inviting sanctuary is important in so many ways. Your home should be a place you can retreat to during hard times, a place where it’s okay to shut the door and keep the stresses of the world outside at bay. You may also want a home that looks and feels inviting to guests and family members. Many people turn to decorations and trendy styles to make their home appear the way they want, but the real secret to making your home a haven is in the design.

Customizing or Renovating

Incorporating the right design into a home is best done with a custom home design that puts the right elements together from the ground up. Custom design means making a living space that will stand out and represent the unique personality of its inhabitants. Alair Homes works closely with its clients to create personalized accommodations. Sometimes making your home a haven means making it reflect you in every way possible. Sometimes starting from scratch is the only way to achieve this.

If building a brand new home is out of the question, then renovations are the answer to bringing the right design into an existing home. Although restyling a home with new paint or a few trendy decorations and furniture pieces may be less expensive, this change of facade does not alter the fundamentals of the space. Only through actual renovation can the true essence of a room be altered. Sometimes making the space you have a haven means changing it at this most fundamental level.

Incorporating Light

Lighting is one of the strongest elements in any room. It can change the appearance and mood of paint, furniture, and other decorations. The access of light is one important element. This means having windows properly sized and placed to allow maximum entry of light without creating undue glare, especially at certain times of the day. Windows are not the end of the story, however. The angle of walls, the ceiling design, and window dressing all play a role as well.

Work Space

Work space is especially important for most homes. Although an entirely separate office with its own door is ideal, especially for those who work at home, this is not often possible. Through renovation of an existing room, it is possible to create an office or work space that is part of the room while also being isolated. This allows work to be put away and hidden when the day is done and it’s time to focus on something else. This separation of work and life is critical for those who work from home or bring a lot of their work home with them.

Contemporary Home Office by Nanaimo General Contractors Alair Homes



Clutter is the number one destroyer of peace of mind inside a home. Even a luxurious home with the latest styles and most expensive decor will feel like a chaotic mess if it is disorganized. By contrast, a simple and humble home is elevated to a new level when creatively and stylishly organized. Organization is about having the right space for everything that needs to be stored. This may mean creating the right closet space, built-in shelving or similar storage elements. A home that is well organized reduces stress and creates an inviting atmosphere.

By customizing or renovating your home you can create a personalized living space that caters to your unique needs and personality. The design of a home is the foundation for everything else you will place in it, and sometimes there is no substitute for fundamental changes.