Building the most valuable, lowest risk, and highest reward construction businesses in the world.



Alair™ is the largest premium custom home building and large-scale 

renovation/remodeling company in the world. 

Alair™ is the largest premium custom home building
and large-scale 
company in the world. 

The core purpose? To bring together the leading custom home builders and high-end remodelers so that each owner can achieve freedom, scale and a business valuation premium that is impossible to achieve as a stand-alone company. We have accomplished this by creating a first-of-its-kind franchise model.


How is it a first-of-its-kind? Franchises historically work one way; every aspect of strategy, operations, products, processes, and systems are strictly dictated by the franchisor and any new product innovation occurs in test labs/kitchens/sites solely controlled by the franchisor. 


Alair is the opposite. We only award franchises to existing market leaders in the custom home building and large-scale renovation/remodeling industry who can contribute to the brain trust and bring new innovative ideas and strategies to the collective group. This results in unmatched innovation velocity that increases with every new partner and is the core reason Alair has also become the most awarded custom home builder and renovation/remodeler group in the industry.


A work-life balance in residential construction seems to evade most in our industry…
At Alair, we’ve been able to give our partners time to do what is important to them. What would you do with more time with your family? What if you could increase the level of service you provide to your clients, team, and community while reducing your stress levels at the same time? What if you had 600+ team members working to improve your business every day?


We’ve cracked the code on Scaling and replicating successful companies…

Now that you’ve built a successful custom home building or remodeling/renovating company, scaling or replicating it involves tremendous risk. At Alair, we have cracked the code on doing just that, quickly, safely and effectively. Our model provides a platform and supporting infrastructure that allows you to do this without the inherent risks associated with doing so – HR issues, inconsistent margins, reduced client satisfaction, dilution of quality, and brand reputation damage.


Have you invested your life work into a business that is not saleable?

Many world-class builders and remodelers/renovators find it difficult, even painful, to admit they’ve spent their life’s work building a business that’s not saleable. Sure there’s value in the physical assets of your business, but what about all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve invested over the years? A truly valuable business needs to run with or without you, while delivering replicable, scalable, and consistently profitable outcomes.

You May be wondering…

Maybe you shouldn’t. With a tremendous amount of intellectual capital and over 1,000 years of custom residential building and remodeling business ownership experience, we’re only interested in partnering with growth-minded business owners who aren’t willing to settle for the status quo.

The following are questions that our partners answered yes to prior to joining Alair:

  1. Have tried to scale my business but I keep hitting the ceiling at current revenue levels.
  2. I want a model that results in increased margins as revenues increase.
  3. I would be interested in scaling my business if it didn’t have a negative impact on quality & client satisfaction.
  4. I would be interested in scaling my business but don’t want to work more hours.
  5. I would like processes in place so that my business can run efficiently without me.
  6. I would love to completely remove the risk for my business and for my client from every project.

This is a great question and is best answered by our many successful partners.

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Our proprietary software is merely one of many tools that drives Alair. Every aspect of our model—our tools, our structure and our processes have been carefully developed with centuries of industry experience to compliment one another. This collective system yields outcomes that no single component could ever accomplish.

The first step is a confidential executive level discussion, builder to builder. We don’t have a sales team as we’re looking to discuss partnerships, not transactions. Here is an outline of how we would work together to determine whether or not there is a mutual fit:

  1. 15 Minute Intro Call with our Director of Market Development; if that call warrants further discussion then
  2. 1 Hour Call – We will share more details about each other’s values and long term goals; if we find enough alignment then
  3. 4 Weekly 1.5 hour screenshare sessions – to share the deeper details of Alair then
  4. Validation calls with existing Alair Partners – Our single biggest risk is bringing the wrong person into the group. We all fly the same flag at Alair and work very collaboratively. This requires a high degree of mutual respect at the table, and both sides need to be confident before final due diligence.