This year, we’re thrilled to announce Alair Homes has reached 100 locations across North America. We’re proud to be the first in our industry to reach this milestone.

For Alair, surpassing the 100-location mark is not just about our newest office. Every partner who joins Alair represents a shared vision of innovation, integrity, and leadership in custom home building and renovations.

Passing the 100th office milestone means we’re celebrating investments into 100 communities around North America. It means we’re recognizing 100 teams who collaborate to find the best solutions for homeowners.

And it means 100 ways to start living better.

Our Journey

The beginning
Alair Homes opens in Nanaimo BC
First franchise
Edmonton, AB opens Alair’s first franchise location
Expanded to U.S.
Alair welcomes first U.S. location in Scottsdale, AZ
First international conference
Arizona hosts the first international Alair conference and awards
Alair Cares
Alair launches ALAIR CARES, a company-wide community give-back program
Alair Magazine
First edition of Alair Magazine debuts
Donation milestone
Partners across Alair invest $1 million back into communities through Alair Cares
100th Location
Alair opens 100th location across the U.S. and Canada

How We Got Here

A Collaborative Network
of Leadership

One of the keys to our success lies in the collaboration between our partners. We handpick candidates based on their caliber, integrity, and leadership within their respective markets, creating a network of talent that shares the same values and dedication to excellence.

The Next Generation

At a time when the industry is facing a labor shortage, Alair is committed to inspiring the next generation through education opportunities, mentorship, and community activations. We’re investing in our project managers and nurturing the next generation of talent within the residential construction industry.

Investments in
100 Communities

We’re dedicated to transforming communities across North America, empowering people to live better by giving back through Alair Cares. By celebrating our 100th location, we’re celebrating 100 communities who have welcomed us to the neighborhood.

100 Acts Of Living Better

Every time we expand to a new location with Alair, we don’t just build houses; we become part of our communities. We wouldn’t have reached 100 locations without your support.
As a way of expressing our gratitude, we’re launching 100 ACTS OF LIVING BETTER to give back to the communities who elevated us to where we are today.

Through 100 ACTS OF LIVING BETTER, we’re challenging all 100 of our offices across North America to give back. We’ve united to tackle food insecurity, a pressing issue that affects millions of individuals and families across the U.S. and Canada.

Over the next 12 months, we’re relying on our 100-strong network to make a collective impact on food insecurity and using our platform to raise awareness. By partnering with local food banks and building community pantries, we aim to empower our communities to live better.