You may be fond of inviting guests over to your place, but is your custom built home designed for it? Hosting comes with joy, but accommodating guests can be a dicey affair if you fail to make the necessary preparations. Introducing a couple simple elements could be all it takes to convert your living space into an entertainer’s haven.

From intimate seating to warm mood lighting, and anything in between, making your house inviting will go a long way in creating a positive entertainment space. Take a closer look at the features that make your custom built home entertaining.

An Appealing Entryway

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression and this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to your entryway. This is the first introduction of your home and it would be prudent to make it functional and inviting.

No need to go over the moon – keep things simple with a pair of seats or an attractive bench. Having a readily available coat rack allows guests to compose themselves before heading over to the main living space. Do away with hurried entrances and awkward goodbyes by creating a simple in-and-out experience.

Mood Lighting

Light is an aspect that you cannot afford to overlook when it comes to making your custom built home entertaining. There is no better way to kill the mood than poor lighting. To avoid this, find a balance between keeping the guests comfortable and ensuring they are able to see each other.

Avoid sticking to a single type of lighting and instead go for a variety of options. Strategically place table lamps and sconces around the room to offer adaptable levels of lighting. A roaring fire and assorted candles will help take the comfy factor a notch higher for those late night soirees.

Multiple Sitting Areas

enclosed sun room with animal hide rug blue chairs

Entertainment revolves around offering a cozy area for guests to converse and interact. Maximizing on seating is the way to go in order to create an intimate seating setup for any kind of conversation. A grouping of comfortable chairs and couches in the living room is without a doubt a perfect fit.

Versatile Dining Areas

The picture cannot be complete without a versatile dining area, right? Introducing comfortable and neutral furnishings, interchangeable decor, and extendable tables will help in maximizing dining space. Extendable tables are known to accommodate events of all sizes whereas neutral furnishings are a good match for different kinds of decorations. Guests won’t even notice hours rolling by if you keep it comfy.

A Powder Room

Though this might seem more of a “want” rather than “need” when faced with limited space, powder rooms offer entertainment ease by giving guests a designated bathroom. This will also keep any wandering eyes off your bathroom medicine cabinet – consider this an extra bonus. For quick directions and easy access, it would be wise to have the bathroom in close proximity to the main living space.

Summing Up

Here we are! You are now up to date in terms of appropriate entertaining additions for your custom built home.