North Hyde Park (NOHO) Custom Home

During the planning phase we undertook a fairly major Value Engineering of the design to ensure that the project would be completed within the clients budget. The client identified a ‘Fords Garage’ style that they wanted to incorporate. They wanted an open, industrial feel, however, we wanted to ensure that the property felt more like a welcoming, home environment; not a commercial space. A Fords Garage typically has exposed beams, ductwork, lighting, conduits, etc. But this extent of an Industrial style is not ‘homely’. So we incorporated tongue and groove ceilings with beams, concrete colored tiled floors, and industrial style lighting fixtures.

During construction the client designed the courtyard, which involved a large permit revision and we went through the full planning process to add that scope of work.

The finished project is a gorgeous blend of industrial and contemporary home style.

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