Alair Homes South Tampa

Look for some changes in design trends in the homes of South Tampa residents that could bring new life to your home this year. The connection to the outdoors is still important, but there’s also a movement toward heavier and darker designs.

In the Kitchen

A novice idea trending in the new year is a kitchen that has an open wall to the outdoors so that the kitchen and backyard are in the same space. These kitchens use oversized patio doors or collapsing doors to open the space up during mild weather.

Color pallets for the cabinets are also changing. Designers are combining light with dark accents in the cabinetry. One of the biggest trends is to have light cabinetry with a dark, subdued kitchen island. It also works well with desks and pantries.

Countertop cabinets near a kitchen essential like the sink or dishwasher add convenience and storage and a striking appearance to the wall. Appliance garages are easy to incorporate into these cabinets.

In the Bathroom

Master bathrooms continue to look like day spas and beyond. Instead of tucking the tub against a wall, designers are giving the tub its own space,. It’s even better if there’s a window nearby, especially if you have a tree in its line of sight or songbirds in the backyard.

all white bathroom with oak ceiling inset

One of the more sensible design trends for bathrooms is the use of natural wood vanities instead of the heavily-finished cabinets that have been around for decades. Plumbers can direct the pipes through the walls instead of the cabinet base, so you’re actually gaining storage and a new look with this feature.

If there’s room, consider a drying room, which is a separate space with a built-in seating bench, a linen closet and skylight. It gives you a place to sit after bathing to dry yourself off. Place it next to the shower or tub and you’ll have a convenient and comfortable way to dry off.

Living Areas

Instead of using drywall everywhere, consider making one of your walls in the living room or family room wood. As design trends go, this one adds color and texture to your home at a fairly affordable cost. Builders use tongue and groove wood flooring to create the wall.

If you want to go dark in the living areas instead of the lights and whites that have been design trends for years, go ahead. Along with using dark cabinets as contrast in the kitchen, there’s a movement to do the same in the living areas.

Bottom Line

Many of the design trends make it possible to have a more comfortable and enjoyable home. The functional areas, like the kitchens and bathrooms, incorporate even more convenient and luxury features. Living areas don’t need to be sparkling white and if you prefer dark and moody, it’s okay to go that route even in sunny Florida.