There are many moving parts to consider when designing a custom home, so if you are feeling overwhelmed by the process, slow down. Before you race to sketch out blueprints, it is important to visualize how you want to feel whether you are inside or enjoying the exterior of your home. What essence do you want to capture? 


Imagine what kind of interior design you might want, which can then inspire the build features, layout, and finishes that would make the composite design ring with satisfaction. If you are building a custom home for 2023, explore forecasted interior design trends with Alair South Tampa’s local partner, Michelle Erin Interiors, and world-renowned designer, Angie Wetzel of InterLux Interiors. 


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Why Your New Construction Team Should Include an Interior Designer  


Working with an interior designer can save you money in the long run, since you will steer clear of avoidable renovation projects. Interior design influences the energy of your home in a massive way, so it should be a top priority to consider when laying out your floor plan. 


A local interior designer knows where to source the best and most cost-effective, complementing products. It will take a client weeks to search suppliers and find products they like, then weeks more to organize those to ensure the right products are going together, in the right rooms, to the right patterns/placement, in a format that the sub-contractors will understand and work to, without watching them on-site every second. 


“Our goal is to help make your home personal in an exciting way – full of pieces you love that tell your own story. Your home has the potential to inspire, calm, entertain, excite, and comfort.” 

-Michelle Erin 


An interior designer will also know the latest trends – including what is worth hopping on the bandwagon for and what might not make sense long-term. Now we will dive into what the future of design holds for 2023! 


Hellenistic Revival 


Antiquated stylings of Neoclassical figurines and busts, marble and stone materials, and arches are slated to be popular in 2023.  


“The aesthetic codes of antiquity are experiencing a real renaissance, and this year, the inspiration comes from ancient Greece.” 

-Angie Wetzel 


Angie tells us that “Corinthian-style furnishings and wallpaper with the Olympians are just some of the ideas that are popular among generation Z.” This Greek-inspired design does not have to stick to the décor!  


Consider using Mediterranean style influences throughout your home such as: 



Organic Curves 


Over the past few years, design psychology has revealed that incorporating organically curved surfaces into our designs can have a powerfully positive impact on our mood. The arches of the Hellenistic revival might incorporate curves but are still symmetrical. We are talking free flow.  


Finding a stunning piece of curved furniture can act as a guide for curved walls within your home.  


Thanks to new technologies such as 3D printing and BIM (building information modeling), it is easier than ever for experts to visualize and construct complex curves.  


Wood, concrete, and even glass can be molded into whatever shape you can imagine for your home.  

You can get incredibly creative with how: 



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Biophilia is not a trend – it is a movement. Roughly translating to “love of life” from Latin, biophilic design aims to create a sense of harmony between the interior and exterior of the home, seamlessly blending into the environment.  


Both custom home and interior designers are leaning on materials, shapes, textures, colors, and sensations inspired by nature within their projects.  


If you are trying to capture the essence of a specific ecosystem – such as the desert or the jungle – your interior design vision will inform your build decisions and vice versa.  


Envision this. Your property is in the woods, and you do not want to cut down all of the trees. The two largest trees in the area become central aspects of your design, and you decide to build around them with floor-to-ceiling glass windows displaying them as if they were a museum exhibit. 


Consider how to place your furniture. Do you want seating facing the tree? Will the tree be in the living room or in a quieter room off from the center of the house? These considerations have a substantial impact on your blueprints. 


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Learn More > Luxury Biophilia for Your Custom Build 


Monochromatic Luxury  


To create a look that is simple yet sophisticated and elevated, you will want to hop on the luxury monochromatic trend. Neutrals can make a serious impact served with perfectly placed pops of color and metallic accents.  


White in particular is so spectacular because of the massive array of shades and variation – far from boring. Using white as the “umbrella” color scheme allows you to blend the perfect tones and hues. When you are building your home, picking wall colors as well as any natural materials like marble or quartz can be more challenging than you might think. That is why it is good to work with professional eyes! 


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High Design in Private & Intimate Spaces 


In modern design, it is important to create spaces that promote both being with others and being alone. When building your custom home, consider creating a nook that can only be reached from your bedroom. You may also love a small deck space just off your home office. 


While we love a quiet moment alone, we especially love spending time with our loved ones in the parlor or lounge, especially if it is aesthetically pleasing. Incorporate an Instagrammable lounge with the perfect amount of golden hour sunlight (perfect brunch or book club) into your home.  


Eye-catching interiors full of big bold shapes and crisp colors will level up your hospitality. Consider how large you want the room to be – smaller tends to be cozier, but not if you want to incorporate a grand piano. Think about how high you want the ceilings. Massive two-story floor-to-ceiling windows could make a jaw-dropping impression. A fireplace may also be a welcoming touch.  


Stay Ahead of the Times  


While some people may want to stray away from trends for fear they will not stay in style, the predictions for 2023 are far from finite. From prioritizing wellness to calling upon the wisdom of nature and antiquity, these trends will remain timeless in your home. 


No matter what kind of style you want to develop, Alair South Tampa has a team of experts to help you make it happen. Regardless of your passions, career, wellness needs, or family size, we’ll bring your dream home to life. We guarantee that Living Better Starts Here®. 




Featured Image Credit: Alair Burlington