If you haven’t thought about luxury sheet vinyl for your custom built home, it might be worth considering. It offers some advantages that you won’t find with other kinds like laminates, tiles, or stone. Although lightweight, luxury sheet vinyl can stand up to the most rigorous wear and is easy to install.

living space with dark luxury vinyl flooring

The designs that luxury vinyl comes in are remarkably realistic, thanks to sophisticated photography and printing techniques. The waterproof, easy to clean surface makes sheet vinyl an excellent choice for the kitchen and laundry room. A resilient floor also lowers the noise and minimizes broken dishes.

Things to Consider

For all that’s good about luxury vinyl flooring, there is a downside. You may have read, some brands of this flooring emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and phthalates. These gases are known to cause health risks and not everyone who is exposed to them experiences any physical reactions. The length of exposure is another variable that may increase vulnerability.

Flooring is just one of the many products that contain VOCs. You’ll find them inside cleaning products, furniture, anything with perfume, carpets, glues and adhesives, wood products, vehicle exhaust and yard chemicals amongst other things.

The good news is that there are manufacturers who don’t use any of the hydrocarbons in their products that create the VOCs and phthalates, including luxury sheet vinyl. Look for a clean air label or something that says that it’s low in VOCs or free of them.

Using Professionals for Help

When you work with Alair Homes to build your custom built home, you’ll benefit from their knowledge about all the materials that go into your home. They know what contains VOCs, what they are, and what the alternatives are.

They’re also well versed in the ways to increase the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home using the HVAC system for air cleaning and ventilation. Including systems in your custom built home to improve your IAQ will pay for themselves in greater comfort and health over the long term.

Bottom Line

Look to the team at Alair Homes to help you maintain high IAQ in your home from the start. Using the expertise provided by Alair Homes will keep the air clean and healthy.