Today, the process of owning a home has become easier. You can purchase an already built home with all the essential amenities. On the other hand, you can choose to construct a custom home that meets all your specific needs. The two methods through which one can acquire a home are distinct. However, there are many reasons why people prefer to gets a customized home instead of an already built house. When constructing your preferred home, you get more value as compared to when you make a purchase. The reasons include:

1. You get everything as Dictated by Your Preferences

When you build a custom home, you get everything on your wishlist. You design all the facilities starting from the space to the interior designs. The exterior architecture which brings authenticity and uniqueness is a choice left to you. Most importantly, the home adapts to the available budget.

2. Choice of Location

Building a custom home means that the first activity is the identification of the lot location. Choosing your neighborhood enables you to decide on the sites that are perhaps, closer to road networks, airports, or the high rise areas. As a result, you need not compromise on the location. While making a purchase, clients are sometimes forced to compromise on the lot location.

3. Modern Convenience

The advancing technology has revolutionized many systems including those found in homes. Such systems include automation, modern kitchens, and advanced bath appliances. Some rooms come with entertainment facilities like theaters. An existing design may, however, lack the advancements that suit your comfy lifestyle.

Photo by Alair Homes ScottsdaleDiscover kitchen design inspiration

4. Energy

The cost of electricity incurred by a home is directly related to the systems installed on the premise. Modern housing systems are designed in such a way that they add value to the house by minimizing energy consumption while maximizing efficiency. Systems built a few years ago have low-efficiency levels when compared to today’s systems. Designing a custom home enables you to adopt the latest energy-saving technology.

5. Security

Security is paramount for every individual. However, the investments we make to ensure our safety depends on various factors. A custom built home will go further to adopt the use of advanced technology to provide security and safety. Safety measures as indicated by Alair Homes Scottsdale include sophisticated fire protection system, safety glass, and superior electrical protection systems. The security systems comprise cameras, panic rooms, and safes.

6. Maintenance Costs

A newly built home comes with new things. Modern electrical fittings, appliances, and fixtures. The probability of having maintenance cost is zero. An older house will most likely require you to do maintenance before settling. As a result, a high maintenance cost is incurred.

7. Construction Warranty

In most cases, new homes come with warranties. All the new installations including HVAC systems and water heating systems come with warranties. Old houses have the warranties expired. As a result, breakdowns bills get footed by the owner.

8. No Surprises

When constructing a home, a client knows what they need and what to expect. Existing houses may have underlying issues unknown by the seller and the buyer.

The value a custom built home brings over an already existing one is endless. For more of these and other inquiries contact us at Alair Homes Scottsdale and schedule an appointment.