30 Dec Phased Scottsdale Home Remodel – Is it Right for You?

In Home Remodel, Home Remodeling by Alair Homes

Scottsdale lends itself to a phased home remodel because its climate is mild year-round. Barring a few thunderstorms in the summer, there’s little to interfere… Read More

30 Sep Getting Creative with the Flooring Choice for Your Custom Kitchen

When you think of concrete, you may envision gray sidewalks and poured slabs for house or garage foundations. Perhaps you’ve merely considered concrete to be… Read More

31 Aug Questions to Ask Before Building Your New Kitchen

A kitchen remodel can seem overwhelming because there are so many considerations. You want a beautiful space, but it has to function properly as well…. Read More

17 Aug 10 Steps to Renovating Your Condo

Renovating a condominium comes with its unique challenges especially because of the regulations and the need to consider other occupants. You also want the renovation… Read More

30 Nov Get The Remodel You Want For Less

It can be tough to stay on budget during a home remodel in Scottsdale, AZ, but there are ways to be successful if you stick… Read More

24 Sep How the Right Renovation Start Provides the Perfect Finish

In Home Remodeling by Alair Homes

“It’s so important that everyone on the team understands the goals, expectations and requirements of the project from the very beginning,” explains Johns. One of… Read More

09 Jul Scottsdale Renovation Realities

In Home Remodeling by Alair Homes

Design, Design, Design…..when gearing up for a major home remodeling project gathering design information is key. Have you prepared yourself for the project; the color… Read More

24 Oct Can I Live in My Home While Remodeling?

In Home Remodeling by Alair Homes

This is one of the most common questions that gets asked when someone is starting a major remodel. The answer depends on quite a number… Read More

20 Oct Will My House Still Feel Like Home When My Renovation is Finished?

In Home Remodeling by Alair Homes

My wife and I thought that we would like to upgrade several features of our home, so we decided to go ahead with a major… Read More

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