You can agree, a custom built home is never complete without particular features. Are you a Hudson resident looking forward to adding a tad more of luxury to your home? Doing so will help improve the quality of your living space and instantly increase its resell value. Keep reading to learn all you need to know when it comes to choosing amenities for your high-end home.

1. Lavish Master Suites

The bedroom is an area where many people love spending their time while at home. Modern technology is not blind to this and it offers exciting ideas that go a long way in making the rooms cozy and beautiful. Many homeowners have embraced these brilliant ideas and have incorporated them in their masterpiece homes. Master bedrooms are expanded to include amazing features such as spas, exercise areas, an office space, and spacious walk-in closets. Master bedrooms come with plenty of space and it’s on this basis that some homeowners opt to attach their secret rooms to these suites.

2. Eccentric Views

sitting area of custom home with chairs facing outdoor area custom lighting fixture above

The better part of Hudson homeowners have embraced the use of glass in constructing most parts of their homes. As a result, the demand for exciting views has grown in leaps and bounds. You are likely to feel on top of the world taking in the green scenery outside as you rest in the comfort of your own sitting room, right? There is no better way to instill a sense of inner peace. With such unique views, the outdoors will be a perfect match for the decor in your lavish custom built home. Truth be told, you can never go wrong with glass to welcome nature indoors.

3. Dressing Rooms with Retail Displays

Modern luxury masterpiece homes in Hudson have taken things a notch higher when it comes to clothes storage. Dressing rooms are nowadays built in a spacious manner with a retail display-like closet. What is more, cabinets can extend from floor to ceiling and come with fancy drawers. Coupled with drawers dividers, this creates more unique storage spaces for scarves, ties, purses, and shoes. The ceiling can be fitted with pull-down quirky hanger racks to optimize the usage of the entire closet. Feel free to install inland cabinets made of stone tops coupled with a work station for laying out clothes and additional drawers.

4. Underground Wine Cellars

It should come as no surprise that owning a wine cellar in your custom built Hudson home is a lavish touch, but what about an underground? Underground wine cellars have emerged as one of the top luxurious features of high-end custom built homes around the world. If you are planning to build a custom home and wine is your occasional vice, then this is something you need to seriously consider. As a way to get the best result, incline more towards a spacious area with attractive materials and glass. Give a wide berth to traditional wine cellars and choose the modern and stylish underground wine cellars.


As you can see, luxury features are bound to wow anyone that sets their eyes on your custom built home. This might seem a costly undertaking, but the end result is worth every dime that you pay. Even so, it would be prudent to always operate within your budget especially now that we are living in tricky economic times.