Building a custom home is a lengthy planning process. Clients participate in multiple steps to through completion. If this is your first time building a new house, you may not know where to start or what to expect. Alair Homes Hudson has developed this handy guide to help.

Start with Looking for Land

Searching for the perfect spot for your custom home is an important part of the process. If you do not already have a plot in mind, recruit a Realtor to assist. Builders are also extremely knowledgeable about land for sale. They often hear about lots before they hit the market. They also sometimes have information about ordinances, regulations and restrictions. Such things can prevent you from building a three-car garage or a house with more square footage.

Finance the House

There are many options for financing a custom built home. Start by talking to lenders who are knowledgeable about construction loans. If you have not already done so, check your credit score before applying. Increasing it can impact the loan terms and interest rates you qualify for. Saving 20 to 25 percent for the down payment and reducing your debt-to-income ratio also increases your chances of getting approved.

It is often best to avoid shopping for a plot of land until you are approved for the loan. The sellers may not take your offer seriously if financing is not secured first.

Find the Right Team

Perhaps one of the most important steps when building a custom home involves finding the right team. Hiring a general contractor like Alair Homes Hudson helps the process to run smoothly and ultimately, you to realize the home of your dreams. Look for professionals who have several years of experience in the industry and are licensed and insured. Ask to view their portfolio, speak with past clients and view payment and warranty terms. The builder will manage the team building your home and ensure quality control measures are kept in check. Make sure this person is someone you trust and get along with, and plan to work closely with them for several months.

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Budget for the Design

The design of the home allows you to feel cozy and at ease in the place that you live. A design professional can help you to narrow down selections and make your final choices for paint colors, fixtures, lighting and other design elements. Magazines and websites are other great resources. Plan for a contingency to cover any design change requests that come up before completion. Most builders recommend about 10-percent of your total home price.

Building a new house is a large endeavor with many choices along the way. Take your time with this process, and consult professionals along the way. With the help of a professional design and construction team, the home of your dreams is within reach.