Although it is something you can easily experience, most people are unable to pinpoint the exact elements that makes the living space in a Clemson custom built home entertaining. What is the secret behind an inviting, warm ambiance? Could it be the size of the area? Or is it the lighting? Perhaps it is the arrangement and availability of seating. There seems to be a lot of moving parts, right?

Whether tackling a kitchen, dining room, outdoor space, or living room, a number of things have to fall into place before creating a space that craves to welcome your guests. Here is an article that will help us get to the bottom of what it takes to build an entertaining home.

One Space Does Not Fit All

First things first, determining your entertainment needs is essential when it comes to making your custom built home ready to host. You can never go wrong with a space that mirrors your entertaining tastes. Some people prefer homier spaces that offer a high degree of comfort. Others incline towards larger spaces with ample space for their elegant cocktail parties. On the same vein, some like having rooms that allow easy change of the seating setup to accommodate different event needs.

If any of these hosts sound like you, the best decision you can ever make is to take your entertainment needs seriously. This explains why custom home builders will at times inquire about your extended family. From where they live as well as the number and age of their children, every detail is important. Factoring-in such crucial information is essential in determining the number of guests you are likely to host from time to time, and the appropriate entertainment to bring on board. You will agree that young parents have different entertainment needs as compared to empty nesters, isn’t it?

It would be wise to clearly explain to the builder what you desire to get out of your outdoor space. This will go a long way in understanding whether the space is meant for entertainment, relaxing, or both.

Size Is Not Everything

You would be forgiven for thinking that an entertaining custom built home has to be big. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and the reality is that scale should be the top priority instead of size. The last thing you want is a setting akin to a cartoon dining area where two people are uncomfortably seated on opposite ends of an enormously long table. You wouldn’t want to have such environment when hosting guests, would you?

It’s on the same note that extremely tall rooms tend to be uninviting and cold. The fact is, it is possible to have just as much fun (probably even more) when people are close together. The secret to emerging successful in this case lies in striking a balance between having ideal scale and space for what you need.

Multifunctional Use And Flexibility

Flexibility is the best gift you can reward yourself with as a custom built home owner. The best design should be able to accommodate small intimate gatherings, big parties as well as just two people. You are probably aware that formal dining rooms keep fading as years go by, and majority of homeowners now have a soft spot for a breakfast nook at the kitchen area. Most people have also embraced the open floor plan concept as it is able to make more room for a fireplace or a cozy seating area.

open living space broken up by fireplace

The Bottom Line

Owning an entertaining home is a rewarding experience. Try out the above discussed and you can rest assured that your living space will always be entertainment-ready, even at the eleventh hour!