Like any lawn, turfgrass requires care and maintenance to flourish. Though this may seem an arduous task, it’s a small price to pay considering the benefits that come with turfgrass. What makes turfgrass stand out amongst its competitors? There is actually no better ground cover for your custom built home and here are reasons why.

Reduces Run-Off

As you had probably guessed, turfgrass plays a significant role in reducing the impact of storm water run-off. It is along the same lines that turf filters different kinds of contaminates, purifying any rain water channelled to the aquifer system. Turf has a filtration system that also helps in lowering acid levels resulting from rainwater runoff.

Environmental Benefits

Turfgrass helps in wiping out greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that are the culprits behind growing concerns such as global warming. Global warming is not something to overlook as it is wreaking havoc including weather pattern change. It’s on this basis that you are likely to find turfgrass in most urban areas in an effort to combat greenhouse gases.

Did you know that you can have a natural oxygen generator in your custom built home? You will be glad to know that this is what turf does best. Green plants take in water and carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and in turn produce pure oxygen as a by-product. Healthy turfgrass of about 2,500 square feet can produce enough oxygen to meet the needs of 4 people. It is also estimated that turfgrass can trap about 12 million tons of dirt and dust annually, which would otherwise be released to the atmosphere.

Reduces Soil Erosion

There is need to control soil erosion and the sediments that get into rivers and streams, right? Each year, tons of soil gets washed away and you will agree that something needs to be done about this. In fact, soil erosion ends up costing the agricultural sectors a pretty penny. The good news is that turfgrass helps keep soil erosion in check thanks to a vibrant fibrous root system that helps in soil stabilization (even on sloping areas).

On the same note, turfgrass has improved root density and depth which binds soil particles to absorb rainfall better compared to other grass plantings. With turfgrass on board, rain drops are intercepted without causing soil disturbance that would otherwise contribute to the soil erosion menace.

Cooling Effect

Anything that helps keep the sweltering heat at bay during summer is more than welcome, isn’t it? Luckily, turfgrass acts as a natural air conditioner. Turf is much cooler compared to other surfaces such as asphalt and synthetic turf. Lawns in eight average homes come with no less than 70 tons of air conditioning – the energy saved will help save more of your hard earned cash.

Boosts Property Value

The real estate sector is a booming industry in the 21st century. This explains why some homeowners don’t mind selling their houses down the line. Any seasoned home developer like Alair Homes will tell you that having a lawn is among the best ways to take home value a notch higher. Improved curb appeal will in this case come as an extra bonus.

Health Booster

Psychologists have studied the role of plants in relation to conditions such as heart rate and blood pressure. Open grass space enhances quick recovery, not to mention that turfgrass comes in handy during rehab. If you have always wondered how to make you custom built home tranquil, turf will point you in the right direction. Patients with an open view of green spaces are likely to recover faster compared to those in enclosed rooms.

exterior of all white custom home with lush turfgrass yard

As you can see, turf is a big deal especially now that we are faced with challenges like global warming. Try it out today and enjoy all these benefits!