If you are new to building custom homes, it is often challenging to know how to prepare for the process. Many homeowners make mistakes along the way due to a lack of experience, which can increase the cost of the project and lead to delays. If you want to build your custom home the right way, there are a few guidelines worth following.

Design with Security and Convenience in Mind

Many people fall in love with the stylish elements that they want to include in their new home without considering practical aspects. These may include security and smart home features. If security is important to you it may be necessary to talk about features that enhance safety. A large fence, carefully selected landscaping or an advanced security system help protect your family and personal belongings. Even things like the placement of doors and windows or the layout of the home make a difference. Perhaps incorporating smart home features appeals to you. This may include the ability to control your home remotely, customizable lighting, or music in every room. Discuss these important ideas with your builder during the preconstruction phase. At Alair Homes Charlotte we can provide direction regarding how to build a home that is beautiful, provides convenience, and is secure.

Look at the Details of Your Budget

Take a close look at the details of your budget to ensure that you are not spending more than you can afford to build your new home. The builder should review the facts and be completely transparent with costs. Be sure to discuss areas to splurge on or where you might consider using more cost-effective materials. It is also recommended to build contingencies into the budget for any unexpected costs. It’s better to be prepared for any unexpected costs instead of being surprised during construction.

Incorporate Function in Your Plans

Knowing your dream is crucial to executing the project so communicating your desires to your builder and project manager is paramount. This includes deciding how you want to use each room. Dream homes are meant to be beautiful and functional but should also improve the quality of your life. Consider specific features in your home that offer convenience to your everyday routine. Use this as inspiration while designing your home.

Photo by Alair Homes CharlotteSearch exterior home design ideas

Choose Your Site and Builder

The site that you purchase for your custom home, and the builder you hire, are two of the main aspects of designing your dream house. Start with selecting a builder. Look for a local general contractor who has a good reputation in the industry like Alair Homes Charlotte. Ask to see their portfolio, and ask to speak with references such as past clients and design professionals. They are responsible for managing each aspect of the construction process and play an important role in finding trade partners to hire when putting your team together. Making the right choice helps to ensure your project runs smoothly and without delay.

The builder you hire can help you with selecting a lot to build on. Search for a lot that fits your exact needs. While some families prefer trendy urban neighborhoods like Dilworth, others love a view of the sunsets on Lake Norman. Some lots are more easily built on than others. Your general contractor can help you determine what it will take to build your dream home on the lot you have selected.

Consider Resale Value

While adding the elements you love in a home is important, it is also important to consider how easy it will be to sell the home in the future if you decide to relocate. Incorporate universal appeal, which includes an open floor plan and timeless materials, to boost the appeal of the property and make it easy to find a buyer in the coming years.

Building your dream home in Charlotte is made easier when you stay on task, understand your goals and work with a builder. Alair Homes Charlotte is always here to help. Call on us for support, guidance and expert advice.