As Hurricane Florence nears neighbors to the south of us in the Carolinas, Arlington is preparing to face the effects of the outer bands. There’s a good chance that this area will see little damage, but the risk of some flooding and stronger winds is still very real. As you make preparations for the storm to travel inland, stay safe, protect your family and keep an eye on the local news for timely updates.

Once the storm has passed, there may be some cleanup and even a need for repairs for some homes. If you’re planning for this stage, you likely have questions about what to expect and how to navigate any challenges you might face. While we don’t have a crystal ball or all the answers, there is some expert advice worth paying attention to. Let’s review a few important tips.

Safety First

Even the outer bands of Hurricane Florence are likely to bring some high winds and a lot of rainfall to the area. This might mean you lose power. It could knock down some trees. The potential for flooding exists. As you are making plans to examine your house after the storm, take caution and remain aware that some areas might be unsafe for you to approach. If you see a tree down or live power lines, don’t try to take care of cleanup or repairs on your own. Call local officials. Make them aware of the concern. Until they get there, stay away from the area to keep yourself safe.

Protect Your Property

If your home does sustain some damage, it may be possible to minimize the impact of that damage by taking a few simple steps. For instance, if your roof is leaking, place a tarp over the damaged part until you can get a roof repairman out to assess the damage. This can help prevent water damage inside your home, and it may help to protect the roof underlayment too. If a window is broken, board it up until a repair can be made. This will protect your home from wind and rain and can prevent intruders from entering your home too. Move furniture out of the way of any flooded areas in your home, and try to remove any standing water to the greatest extent possible.

Cleanup around Your Home

As you are working through this cleanup process, keep in mind that there are some things that are safe to do alone and other things that require the help of a professional. If you choose to take on tasks on your own, make sure you have the right equipment and always wear safety glasses, gloves and other protective gear. Make safety a priority especially after a hurricane because the area you’re working in may be a bit unpredictable.

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Build Your Home to Withstand Hurricanes

We aren’t expecting a more direct hit from Hurricane Florence this time, but that doesn’t mean we’ll always be clear of this type of threat. If you’re remodeling your home because of hurricane damage or considering a renovation for another reason in the near future, consider adding some safety measures that can help protect your home from a natural disaster. Innovative building materials and practices can help to safeguard your home so it better withstands high winds and rain. Discussing this with your general contractor is a smart idea.

Stay safe through hurricane Florence. If your home is damaged, make an insurance claim quickly and work with a professional general contractor to make repairs. Alair Homes Arlington is always here to help. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.