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Home remodeling is exciting for most homeowners. There is something fun about turning a space that is old into one that is new and refreshing. Home remodeling takes a lot of planning and preparation so that the process runs smoothly. Organization is a big piece to this puzzle.

Assess the Organization Situation

A great first step in getting organized is to go through the room and create a list of the items that you have. Make a list of things that you are sure that you would like to keep versus things to get rid of.

Next, take the “keep” list and gather those items. Store them in a clear, plastic storage tub that can be labeled according to what is inside. The tubs need to be clear to make it easier to see what’s inside without having to open the box and rummage through it. Put the “keep” storage tubs in a safe space, such as another room in your house or in the garage, so that it is not mistaken for something that you are getting rid of. A good tip is to pack your most frequently used items in a different clear storage tub that is kept somewhere and remains easily accessible.

The Decluttering Process

Now, it’s time to declutter. Remember the list of thing that you are not going to keep? Time to look at this list more closely. Go through it with a fine-tooth comb, and begin to pick things that you absolutely need to get rid of. Choose items you haven’t reached for in a long time, and things that you know you have no intention of using in the future. There are three options for this pile – throw items away, sell them or donate them.

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Help Me Organize!

Sometimes, especially with large home remodeling project, the decluttering process feels like a big hassle. There are options! These include brining in friends and family to help. Alternatelly, hire a professional organizer. The organizer may also offer different types of storage solutions, like plastic storage boxes with wheels. These even help keep the family organized after remodeling is over. This will also make it easier to move things from room to room through each stage of your project.

With these storage ideas, it’s also important to have great communication with your general contractor. Work with them to understand what needs to be moved out and how to clear pathways for subcontractors and equipment. An effective general contractor will listen and help you develop a solid plan. Alair Homes Arlington is highly qualified to help you through every stage of construction. Contact us to talk about your plan or receive more renovation preparation tips. Happy Organizing!