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Truth be told, building a home is a rewarding and fun experience. On the flip side, the process can be mind-boggling as you have to make decisions touching on floor plans, cabinetry, paint, the list is endless. Thanks to the advent of the smart phone, every aspect of a custom home building can now fall into its rightful place. Keep reading to learn more about apps that can make your dream home a reality.


Inspiration is the building block of great dreams, and you need tons of it before building. If you’re wondering about where to get product reviews, creative concepts, and design ideas, you can never go wrong with the Houzz app. It’s easy to use, free and offers an Ideabook where you can save sketch images that you have in mind.


Be it an ambitious renovation or a small makeover project, DesignMine app will come in handy. It’s similar to Houzz albeit with a different workflow that enables you add ideas to design boards like Pinterest. DesignMine offers numerous, inspiring home improvement projects that will help get you started.

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Photo Measures

You will be glad to know that your camera can do more than take photos. With the Photo Measures app, it’s now possible to figure out and record dimensions and measurements. This is sweet news to the ears of homeowners as they can tell whether a picture frame or bookshelf will fit in a space they have in mind.

iHandy Carpenter

Is it possible to have a bubble leveler, ruler, plumb bob, protractor, and surface leveler combined into one? The iHandy Carpenter app makes this possible. It’s not every day you come across tool kits able to place five accurate tools in the palm of your hands.


A lot goes on during custom home building, and the amounts of lists (punch lists, To-Do lists, closing checklists, etc.) can quickly pile up. The answer to keeping all your lists organized in an easy to use visual interface lies in an app known as Taskboard. This isn’t the best definition of a building app, but it keeps you organized so as to make the entire process easy as a duck takes to water.


From identifying the ideal color of your end tables to pinpointing quality drapes that will match your carpet, there is a reason why designers earn top dollar. Hiring an interior designer can be tricky in today’s harsh economy, but the Havenly app connects you with seasoned designers without poking holes into your wallet.

No more hitting a wall when it comes to custom home building. Alair Homes Savannah is here to help you along the way, but by downloading the above apps, you have help at your fingertips. Thanks to Alair Homes Savannah you have what it takes to get building today!