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The many elements involved with a kitchen remodel can cause a novice to become quickly discouraged. A successful kitchen design results in a space that is both beautiful and practical, and one that fits the client’s budget. Answering a few questions prior to getting started can help to simplify your project. Let’s review some of the most important points to consider.

The Objective

The planning stages of your kitchen remodel should involve deciding exactly how the space will be used. Consideration should be given to the size of your family, any entertaining that will take place in the kitchen, and other whether you enjoy tasks like baking or preparing elaborate meals.

Take a moment to answer these questions. They’ll help you to decide which features are most important to you and even now you want to lay out your dream kitchen.

The Wish List

Once the central theme of the project has been identified, it is time to identify items on your wishlist that are non-negotiable. This list might include any appliances or furniture you absolutely can’t live without. If you need a walk-in pantry for storage of your small kitchen appliances, add that to the list. If you’re a wine connoisseur, perhaps wine storage goes on this list too.


Now that you have envisioned the perfect kitchen features, it may be time to face reality. Most people do not have unlimited budgets to fund their kitchen design dreams. As a result, it’s helpful to be realistic about items on the wishlist you’re willing to forgo or substitute out for less expensive options. Keep in mind that the general contractor you choose can help to determine how much you need to pare done this list. A professional like Alair Homes Savannah has the ability to leverage our reputation and secure cost savings on many of the most in-demand kitchen design features. Working with us might mean that you get more while spending less.


Kitchen layout is vital to the success of a kitchen renovation, and it may be a good idea to consult with a professional on this matter. Important issues like the location of outlets to provide power to appliances and where drainage pipes will be placed should be carefully considered. To create an efficient and attractive kitchen, there is often very little room for error with regard to this.

Many designers are willing to visit a home to view the location of things and get a clear picture of dimensions the project planner is working with before providing a design for the kitchen that will be renovated.

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Whom Do I Hire

Choosing the right contractors to work with may prove to be the most important part of your project. Hiring a general contractor to oversee all tasks is often the easiest way to effectively accomplish this. Take time reviewing your options, and make sure that price isn’t your only consideration. It’s important to understand the reputation of the companies you are considering, review their portfolios and find a project manager that you feel comfortable and confident communicating with.

The skill and expertise of our team at Alair Homes Savannah have helped many clients to realize their dream kitchens without compromising on style, quality or their budget. If a kitchen remodel is on your wishlist, contact us to learn more about the advantages we offer. Complimentary consultations are available by appointment only.