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When the first signs of fall arrive, it is time to begin preparing your home for winter. Winter weather conditions can be brutal, and your home will bear the brunt force of intensely cold temperatures, ice, strong winds, snow and more in the months ahead. Typical home maintenance tasks may not be enough to make your home as safe and protective as possible in the months ahead. As you prepare your home for winter, consider how some of these thoughtful home improvement ideas may benefit your property.

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Upgrade Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are common sources of drafts. These drafts can impact the energy efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system as well as your overall comfort at home. Replacing older windows with new models that are more energy efficient is an excellent idea. Keep in mind that some door materials are more insulative than others. In addition to making this thoughtful home improvement, install quality seals around the doors and windows. Remember to replace the seals annually as part of your regular maintenance efforts. If you are taking on a home remodeling project such as a home addition, consider starting with higher quality double or triple pane windows. The extra costs you pay upfront are often less than the savings you’ll see over time.

Install New Insulation

If you are preparing for a home remodel project such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, this may be a great opportunity for you to upgrade insulation in your walls. For example, you may replace older fiberglass insulation that is deteriorating and less effective with spray-in foam insulation. This step may help you to stay warmer indoors while relying less heavily on your heating system.

Replace an Older Roof

Your roof is a critical component that affects your indoor climate. Older roofs or roofs that have extensive damage may be less effective at protecting the home’s interior from the elements. In addition, pests may enter the home through small cracks and gaps to escape from harsh winter weather. Before winter arrives, request a roof inspection to determine what work needs to be done to repair it or if a replacement is needed. If you are planning an exterior home remodel project, updating the roof may also have aesthetic benefits.

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Install a Fireplace

A fireplace is an excellent interior feature to have throughout the winter. In addition to adding a charming touch to the home’s décor, it also can serve as a much-needed heat source. You may already have a fireplace in a family room or living room, but you may install a second or third fireplace in a bedroom, a home office and other areas where you spend time regularly. Another idea is to enlarge a smaller fireplace as part of a home remodel project. This could allow you to burn warmer fires that provide more significant benefits throughout the winter.

Preparing your home for winter extends beyond typical fall home maintenance tasks. You understandably want your shelter to be as protective and as comfortable for you and your loved ones as possible regardless of how brutal the weather conditions become outdoors. These thoughtful home improvement ideas each play a beneficial role in helping you to achieve this goal. Consulting with Alair Homes Savannah may provide you with additional ideas that are customized specifically for your home.