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You may have decided several long months or years ago to build a beautiful custom home in the Savannah area. Between then and now, you may have focused on your building budget, lined up construction financing, determined the exact finishes and style that you desire for your dream home and more. With so much legwork already completed, you may be eager to see construction on your home starting soon and fast progress being made. One of the most important steps that you need to take before you can get to this point is to hire the right contractor for the job. With many general contracting firms in the Savannah area that specialize in residential construction projects, you will need to approach your selection process in a strategic way. Through these steps, you can more quickly and easily narrow down the options and make a final selection.

Define Your Specific Needs

When you request written estimates from local general contracting firms, you understandably want to receive solid, accurate quotes. However, a reputable contractor will not be able to provide you with the information you need if you do not know exactly what you need an estimate on. The contracting firm needs to know more than just the square footage of the home. Factors related to the lay of the land, accessibility, design elements that you want in the home and more all affect the cost to build your new home. Take time to finalize your home construction plans so that you know exactly what you are requesting a quote to build.

Reach Out to Trusted Sources for Referrals

Some people who are preparing to build a custom home will use online reviews to pick a few top contracting firms to contact. While this may yield moderate results, a better idea may be to contact people who you respect and trust for referrals. For example, your real estate agent and architect may both provide you with a few names. You may even have a friend or co-worker who has recently completed this type of project themselves. Because you know and trust the people who are providing you with these referrals, they may be considered at a higher level than any companies that you selected through online reviews.

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Complete a Background Check

Even with stellar online reviews and personal recommendations, you should not make assumptions. Ask each of the contracting firms on your list for proof of active liability insurance and about their licensing status. Request information about their staff members’ credentials, the subcontractors who they work with and references that you can contact directly. Some people skip over this important step, but you can see that each of these factors can impact your hiring decision.

Compare Written Quotes

The final stage in the process is to request detailed quotes for the completion of the construction of your project. Compare quotes to ensure that they all cover the same elements. Look at labor and materials costs individually. Be aware of fine print and the possibility for adding extra fees at various stages throughout the project.

Alair Homes Savannah is ready to meet with you soon to discuss your custom home construction project. We are committed to helping you with all stages of the process going forward and to delivering excellent results. Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment.