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Many homeowners simply throw in the towel and start packing up their moving boxes when their home is no longer well-suited for their family. However, you may have wonderful memories in the home, a great interest rate on your mortgage, incredible neighbors and more. Moving is not the only option available when you are not happy with your home’s layout, style or features. In fact, it may not even be the best option. By remodeling your Savannah home, you get to enjoy all that you love about your current space while changing the things that you dislike. Understanding more about the cost and timing associated with a remodel can help you to decide if this is the right path to follow.

How Much Will Your Remodel Cost?

There is not a fixed cost to remodel a home. After all, each project is unique with regards to the amount of work, the steps that are required to complete that work and the materials that the homeowner prefers to use. In order to determine how much your project will cost, you must clearly define what you want done to your home. Everything from the amount of space affected to the types of contractors that are required to work on the project will impact cost. Making only cosmetic improvements is much more affordable than making major structural changes. Keeping water and electrical lines in place will also keep costs down. Choosing more affordable materials is another way to save money on your project.

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When Can the Work Be Completed?

The question of timing is also important to some Savannah area homeowners. You may want all of the work completed before the holidays or another major event that brings guests to your home. You also likely want to keep the amount of time that your family is inconvenienced to a minimum. Cosmetic improvements will require much less time to complete than major structural changes. In fact, major changes to your home’s structure, such as removing walls, could add one or even several weeks to your timeline depending on the scope of the work. Adding on a new wing could extend your timeline by several months in some cases.

How Do You Get Accurate Information?

Because so many factors related to timing and cost are specific to your plans and to your home, the best way to get accurate information is to request a quote. Some people are not comfortable requesting an estimate until they have decided to move forward, but you can see that the details in a contractor’s quote are essential to the decision-making process. When you request an estimate, ask your Alair Homes Savannah general contractor for advice about how to save time and money while achieving similar results.

By remodeling your Savannah home, you create a more appealing and functional home that your family can continue to happily live in for many additional years. If you are ready to learn more about the remodel process, reach out to the professionals at Alair Homes Savannah for a complimentary quote and a consultation.