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Most people think that constructing or renovating a house will only take a few weeks or even a few days. In reality, it will take months or even years in order to complete the construction. It also matters if they would like to do it by themselves, or if they wanted to work with contracting companies. People may choose to do things by themselves because it is cheaper and they will have more autonomy as to what they are doing. For custom building and renovation projects, it advisable to work with a contracting company like Alair Homes Savannah. Working with Alair Homes will result in hassle free development projects and high quality output. However, even if working with contracting companies, a timeline must still be in place. Timelines ensure that building process is organized and everything is finished on time. Here are a few points one must remember in creating your project timeline.

Researching is Important

Construction and renovation requires research. Designers have to look for inspirations while the engineers and architects would need time to test materials. Builders also need to do research in order to find the best deals especially in purchasing building materials. The homeowners research can encompass reading materials related to constructing a building and interior design, asking for the help of the professionals, or by simply reading articles online that will give out home building ideas.

Secure Permits

When building or renovating a structure, one must secure permits from their local government. Without the proper building permits, the project might take a halt. Securing permits would also give the builder a chance to access and ask for previous files that might help in the building phase.

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Creating the Timeline

The timeline in creating or renovating a house is divided into the designing phase and the constructing or building phase. The designing phase includes securing building codes and permits, consulting the interior designer, and shopping for the materials. The building phase involves the delivery of the products that were ordered earlier and the actual construction of the structure. The designing phase usually runs from a week to three months, while the building phase runs from one to six months. During the building or renovation phase, one must also consider putting up a buffer time in case any problems occur.

Be Realistic with the Budget

Constructing or renovating a house requires setting a budget before the project. Working with your contracting company will help you gain a better understanding of your custom build or renovation budget. Contact Alair Homes Savannah to learn more about project budgets and to receive an estimate.