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Land seems a serene creature on the surface, but looks can sometimes be deceiving as there might be tons of issues lurking beneath. Land problems are potent deal destroyers – especially when it comes to custom home building. Alair Homes has assembled a list of aspects that you need to consider before paying for a plot of land.


First things first, you need to know what the land can be used for in order to have a clear picture of how best to maximize. Now that the local zoning and planning department is only a call away, talking to them will offer immediate answers. It is important to familiarize yourself with some of the different zoning classifications a piece of land may be designated.

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It would be wise to ask about property examples permissible on the land you plan to buy. It is possible for you to get wind of more ideas that hadn’t crossed your mind earlier. After learning the best use of the land, you’ll know if the property addresses your custom home building needs easily as a duck takes to water!


Checking the topography of the land is usually the first line of business for most land buyers. It would be in bad taste to go for property characterized by cliffs, elevations, valleys, ravines, and the likes. The lay of land plays a major role when it comes to build-ability. Free online maps like Earth Point and Google Maps will come in handy. Google Earth hands you the power to search for property using coordinates or an address and even allows you to zoom in for a closer look. Scoping out an area will help you identify any valleys and hills. Earth Point is an invaluable tool in terms of topography.

Yearly Tax Obligations

Not as often, but there are times when tax seems to be way over the roof as compared to the value of the land. This is a concern you cannot afford to overlook when buying land especially now that this could be your forever home. Paying a $2,500 annual tax, for example, is way too high for a $10,000 worth property. As is the case in most jurisdictions, 1 – 4% of the land’s value is a reasonable annual tax value.

Public Utilities

Land may be deemed completely unsuitable for custom home building due to the lack of staples needed for reasonable living. You cannot possibly start building on property lacking modern utilities like the inability to flush.

The journey to owning a custom built home begins with buying the perfect land. Land buying process can however be a tricky affair. The foregoing will help you emerge successful!