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A few years ago, it was unprecedented to have more than one bathroom in a standard American home. Most families had a communal bathroom that serviced the entire house. In today’s more modern homes, families have the luxury of a master bathroom suite or the possibility of converting an old room to a new bathroom space. Life has never been better!

Of course, many couples struggle with how to make their bathroom design comfortable and unique. Here are seven things to consider before planning your bathroom remodel:

Establish a Budget

Creating or remodeling a bathroom space takes time and a nice chunk of change. Before you start tackling a project of this magnitude, it’s a good idea to review the numbers. Do some research and be clear about your all-in budget.

Consider Dimensions

The dimensions of the room will determine what fixtures and extras you can manage. If you’re looking to have a tub and a shower space or an extra long counter space for example, you may have to compromise on shape and size of different objects. The room’s dimensions are an extremely important first step for planning your suite.

Understand Plumbing

Plumbing is an obvious part of a bathroom install, but many people get wrapped up in the excitement of a renovation and fail to think about this key element. You may have your heart set on a certain layout, but plumbing limitations are important and something to keep in the back of your mind during the planning phase.

Think Aesthetics

Do you want your bathroom to feel warm and cozy? Sterile and minimalist? Shop around on Pinterest or other home decor shops for some bathroom decor inspiration. This will help you determine the colors and textures you want to fill your space with. You may spy something you’ve never thought of when it comes to bathroom design.

Select Fixtures

Your sink and shower fixtures are essential and a matter of preference. While the look and design are important, you’ll also want to consider functionality. Fixtures vary in shape and size which can impact water pressure as well as the volume and flow of the water.

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Evaluate Lighting

Lighting is a necessary yet beautiful component of any room, and there are many factors that determine how lighting will impact a space. Recessed fixtures easily brighten a room, and mirrors capture and redirect light based on their placement. Features like light dimmers can also set the mood and should be considered when planning your bathroom lighting needs.

Create Storage

There are many things you need to store in your bathroom space from towels to extra toilet paper to q-tips and toothpaste. While the sleek and minimalist style is trending, you do need to consider where you’ll store all your bathroom necessities. Get creative with your storage space and find unique ways to hide some of the clutter.

These are just a few of the many things to consider as you plan your new master bathroom. With some careful prep and planning you’ll be well on your way to a stunning new space! If we can help, let us know. Contact Alair Homes Savannah to discuss your next project.