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Do you build a custom home or do you buy a home that’s already been built by someone else? Alair Homes Savannah knows the decision is a tough one for homeowners, but there are many pros to building a custom home. The decision to build a custom home or buy an existing home is entirely up to you, but you should educate yourself on the benefits of a custom-home design prior to making a final decision.

No Compromises with Custom Homes

You get exactly what you want, and you don’t make any compromises when you build. When you buy, you might get a lot of what you want, and you might decide you’re okay living with certain features that might not be exactly what you want but “aren’t bad” overall. When you build your home, you’re not living with anything you deem less than perfect.

Custom Homes Are A Better Value

You can buy an existing home that’s priced low because the sellers need to get out of the home or the home was foreclosed and needs a lot of work, but are you prepared to put that kind of work into the house? If you buy an existing home priced well under the value of the home, you might make a big profit if you remodel and sell. However, if the home is fairly priced and you still put tens of thousands of dollars into it making it what you want, you might spend more on the home than you would spend to simply build the home with what you want from the start.

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Custom Homes Are A Source of Pride

Walking through your brand-new home is a source of pride for homeowners. You chose every design feature, you worked hard to make this dream come true, and you have pride in every corner of every room. An existing home might not be exactly what you want, so you won’t find as much pride when you walk into certain rooms. You won’t feel as good about it, and you’ll always want to make changes.

Custom Homes Are Healthier

If you’re looking for a newer existing home, you’re probably getting just as much health as you are in a new build. However, you always run the risk the previous owners had animals and the carpets are filled with fleas, or they had an infestation because they weren’t the cleanest owners. You might not know there is mold in their walls, or you might not even realize that older home filled with character is also filled with lead paint or asbestos. Building a home means none of this is a concern.

Custom Homes Provide More Benefits

You’re not moving in and worrying it’s time to clean out the septic tank. The air conditioner won’t die the week you move in. The water heater won’t need replacement before you’ve been there a year. There’s a lot to say about the benefits of living in a new build versus an older home.