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Building a custom home is a dream for many people. If you telecommute, own a business or manage the family budget, consider having a home office included in your design plan. When doing this, consider more than just where the home office will be located or how large the space is. Take time to carefully contemplate the things that you want included in your office. Here are ideas to help get you started.


Too many people end up making their office a bleak and dark place. However, an office that is bright and airy is more enjoyable to work in. Look for ways to accomplish this. Giving the office a western exposure and bright windows could add a lot of natural light and make it a more enjoyable place to spend time.

Floating Desk

The customary design for an office in the home has been to have a large bulky desk. This is usually located along a wall. A more unique option could be to have a floating desk sitting in the center of the room. You can then have shelves and other furniture around the perimeter. This can make the room feel larger and provide you with more space for walking paths around your desk.


If you have sensitive information that you plan to store in the office, consider making secure upgrades to the room. Having some secure, lockable drawers and other devices can help. Many homeowners are also implementing security features to protect the equipment in their office including locking doors and video surveillance.

Space to Relax

While an office is normally designed for work, a long work day might mean you need to take a break for a few minutes and relax. Because of this, you should have an area of your office designated for downtime. A comfy chair, side table and reading lamp serve this purpose well.

Use Space Correctly

Once you have figured out how your office will be designed and know the dimensions, start the process of finding furniture. Picking the right furniture will help you to keep the space organized so it feels larger and more open. If it’s in the budget, consider a few custom made pieces for your space. A custom desk and built-in bookshelves are a great investment for anyone with a home office.

Make Space Flexible

Depending on the size of the home that you are building, you may also want to make the space flexible for future plans. For example, if you ever need to house more guests than expected, the office could make a great spare guest room. Having a closet and pull-out couch helps your space to remain flexible and functional.

Chalkboard or Whiteboard

When you are working in your office, you likely will need it to be able to jot down ideas from time to time. A chalkboard or a whiteboard is great for brainstorming. To get even more creative, paint a portion of the wall with either chalkboard or whiteboard paint.

When you are designing you office, find ways to include things that make your space feel organized and efficient but also inspire you. The team at Alair Homes Savannah is always here to help. Contact us to begin the process of building the home of your dreams and the perfect home office.