Floors endure a lot from foot traffic and heavy furniture, right? It’s always wise to choose the right flooring for your custom built home. You want flooring that will hold up for a long time. Though there are different great options out there, you can never go wrong with vinyl. Vinyl flooring is without a doubt a big deal and here are reasons why.

Variety of design options

Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of colors and patterns. If solid patterns or colors resembling wood, natural stone or tiles is what you have in mind, vinyl is a sure bet. From smooth to pebbled vinyl flooring, the options are also endless when it comes to texture. Vinyl is available in the form of tiles and sheets. With these options you have the power to tweak your floors in the most appealing manner. Additionally, vinyl flooring has a non-slip finish which makes it safe for areas such as the bathroom or kitchen.


Among the greatest benefits of vinyl flooring is durability. With proper installation, you’re guaranteed of many years with minimal maintenance. Handling high traffic is a breeze as well whereas stain and scratch resistance comes as an added bonus. Compared to other flooring options such as wood and carpets, vinyl stands out in terms of offering a softer walking surface – a big advantage in areas such as the kitchen where you probably spend hours standing. Vinyl flooring can easily last for 20 years or more without losing its shiny and appealing look.

Easy Maintenance

Carpets require regular cleaning to get rid of dust, debris, bacteria and allergens. Fortunately, vinyl flooring spares you from this laborious task. Vinyl’s seams also make it water resistant that prevent bacteria from growing or hiding. In real sense, cleaning vinyl flooring is rather easy as all it takes is mopping the stains and wiping any dust specs. What is more, you are free to clean using any disinfectant or sanitizer without causing any damage – this is an advantage to those who suffer conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Cost Effective

Vinyl flooring is affordable both in terms of purchasing and installation. With the ability to mirror costlier flooring options like wood and natural stone, vinyl comes out as a remarkable option that strikes a balance between style and price. This means that you don’t have to pay a fortune if having a hardwood floor design, for example, has always been your dream.


Few tasks are easier than vinyl floor installation, though this can also vary depending on the vinyl option you go for. Make sure that the subfloor is clean, leveled and dry before installation to avoid getting disappointed. The good thing about vinyl flooring is that you can take it as DIY project. Even so, it would be wiser to hire a professional as the cost will be a small cost to pay considering the benefits that will come your way.


Walking on cold floors during winter can be frustrating. Unlike other flooring alternatives, vinyl retains heat that locks out the cold when temperatures plummet. Vinyl flooring is also softer to walk on compared to ceramic and wood thanks to a softer underfoot that also doubles up as a means of reducing noise as people walk around your custom built home.

custom dining area open concept with kitchen in background surrounded by windows overlooking backyard

Vinyl flooring is ideal for any room in a custom built home and it can help liven-up your living space. Talking to a flooring professional like Alair Homes today will help you pinpoint the best vinyl flooring for you.