The custom home building process is about more than just building a home. It is about creating spaces that are functional and contribute to the lifestyle you want to enjoy. Doing this involves making the right choices and selecting certain materials and features that contribute to the quality of the setting. For many people, it’s important to feel accommodated in the space. To create a property that is specific to your wants and needs, it’s important to look at the latest trends in custom home features. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Home Office

Home offices are increasing in popularity because more people are working from home or managing businesses in their personal space. A home office makes it possible to utilize the space when you need to be productive and maintain some separation between your business and personal life. Create a space that is private yet open to the home by adding bookshelves or glass doors that provide a feeling of separation. Plan for wall sockets with USB chargers and smart cord storage options to make your space complete.

2. Spa Bathroom

The bathroom is a utilitarian space in most homes, but it is also a serene spot to escape to at the end of the day. Make your bathroom special by adding heated floors, multiple showerheads and a stand alone bathtub that invites you to relax in it.

3. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are a top-choice among people who are building homes because they create a spacious setting that doesn’t include too many walls. The layout of an open concept home provides easier access to different areas, an attractive flow from room to room and makes conversation with family and friends easier.

4. Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

Take more of your meals outdoors with a kitchen that is built by the pool. Include a grill, plenty of durable countertop space, a sink and even a small refrigerator. When building the pool, make it unique with fountains, water slides, and spillways. The addition of a cabana will also help create a luxurious setting and provide a seating area for your guests or family.

5. Advanced Technology

Tech innovations in your custom home make the setting easy to use and provide more control of the features. Control your locks, lights, alarm system, and thermostat with a wireless automation system that can be synced to your smartphone or tablet. This gives you full control over your home whether you are inside the walls or miles away.

6. Dressing Room

A dressing room is essential an extra large closet that provides you with a spacious area to get ready each day. Adding this space makes it easy to stay organized with regard to your clothing, accessories, and shoes. You can find what you need in seconds and have more room to put your outfits together.

7. Wine Cellar

Store your wine bottles in a climate-controlled setting with a wine cellar. This is the perfect custom home addition if you often invite guests over and want to be able to pull out a bottle whenever company calls. The climate-controlled nature makes it easy to keep bottles at exact temperatures so your collection lasts longer without spoilage.

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8. Commercial-grade Kitchen

Build a kitchen with appeal and functionality with restaurant-grade appliances that are installed and a walk-in pantry for storage. The kitchen can also include drawer warmers, double dishwashers, wine refrigeration, and point-of-service refrigeration to make it easy to serve food.

Your custom home should feature unique and modern features that accommodate your everyday life. With the right additions included, you can enjoy your property more. Consider this your starting place, and spend some time talking to your Alair Homes Sanibel project manager for more great ideas as we work together to bring your vision to life.