The latest buzz in innovative green designs is living walls. People who enjoy the outdoors and lots of greenery have started taking indoor plants to a new level by creating entire walls covered in plants and complete with an irrigation system.

But, while living walls look beautiful and make a room feel fresh, we decided that we could find an added use for a living wall and grow some plants that you can actually make use of. If you enjoy cooking, then having fresh herbs close at hand is something you can’t pass up. This is why we have taken the living wall concept and turned it into a kitchen herb garden.

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Making an Herb Garden Wall

What herbs to grow: A lot of herbs grow well indoors, so there is no shortage of what you can plant on your kitchen wall. Some of the herbs that will thrive in your indoor garden include:

A Beautiful Wall Garden

Positioning Your Herb Garden Living Wall

Herbs don’t need a lot of sunlight, but just like all green plants, they too need at least a little each day. Choose a wall that gets about four hours of sunlight every day. Place the plants on it in a way that allows them some direct sunlight access. If this is not possible because of the placement of your kitchen or windows,  fix detachable planters on the wall that can be removed and moved to a window or balcony to get a bit more sunshine each day.

Plant Placement

If you’re looking for maximum effect with your herb garden wall, then position the plants so that they have an aesthetic effect. You can have horizontal rows of the same type of herb, while vertically you can vary the type of herbs. Place the bushier ones at the top for one effect, or at the bottom for another. You can also plant more that one type of herb in a single planter for an assorted bouquet effect.

Care Tips

Use good-quality potting soil for your herbs for the best results. Keep the soil moist but not too wet. Make sure the containers you use for the plants have good drainage. Don’t forget to give your herbs their daily dose of sunshine.

These ideas could see you having a gorgeous, green, aromatic kitchen wall very soon.