You may think the design of your home is how it looks, but it is more about how well it works and how you feel when when you are in it. The experts at Alair Homes Sanibel offer the following tips for a functional home.

The Right Floorplan

If your home does not flow with you, it is not the right layout. You should be able to move from room to room without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. You may have to consider removing a wall between rooms to open up the space.


The main purpose for a good home design is to make things easy for you. If the space is small, you will need to make creative use of the space you have, like hiding the washer and dryer behind a bifold door in the kitchen.

Utilize Dead Spaces

Every home has dead spaces, those corners and nooks that seem to attract clutter. Clean up the space and turn it into a window seat, a pocket library or even a tiny office. Dead space is also an excellent play area for your children.

Think Ahead

When designing your home, think about the future instead of just the present moment. Regardless of how well you have planned, needs tend to change over time. Consider how you want your home to look and work when your children are grown or when you and your spouse are senior citizens.

Make Room for Storage

A functional home is one that allows for proper storage. Designed storage allows a place for everything and is more efficient than a general space to get things out of the way. This type of storage will allow you to get creative with decor as well.

Create a Lighting Plan

Lighting is very important part of a home’s design. Because of its powerful effect, it pays to have a plan. You should aim for a balance between artificial and natural light to avoid rooms that feel too sterile or gloomy.

Photo by Alair Homes SanibelDiscover dining room design inspiration

Multi-Function Rooms

In smaller spaces, you may need to make rooms serve more than one purpose. A tiny bathroom can have pipes hidden in the wall along with recessed storage space. A family room with a futon sofa can easily convert into a guest room. The possibilities are endless.

Choose the Right Finishes

Each room in your home should have the correct finishes. Tile floor is perfect for the kitchen, while a Berber carpet will work better in the den. Think about upkeep as well as looks.

Use Color Layers

Color is something you must get right, otherwise, you will not feel comfortable in the room. Start with a neutral background and gradually add bolder colors through art and decor. The right balance is when you do not notice the contrast.

Make It Your Own

Your home is your castle. You have the freedom to make the space whatever you want by using colors, textures and patterns. Be creative, experiment and make your house a place to be happy and be yourself.