A foyer and its staircase are arguably among the most important elements of a home when it comes to dictating its overall aesthetic. If you are striving for a particular style or elegance for your custom built home, then the choices you make regarding your entrance will largely determine your success.


A staircase is a functional requirement of a multi-level home. An entrance is a requirement as well, but it can—and often has been in the late 20th century—deemphasized in order to use only as much square footage as is required for the transitional area. It is important to consider your expectations and how you will use the area and let these functional aspects inform your decision.


Foyers are becoming more elaborate once again, and it is a custom built home trend to favor form over function. Many homes even have a hidden second stairway for the family to use on a regular basis. This allows the total focus for the entrance to be on materials, craftsmanship, artistic qualities and so forth.

First Impression

Never lose sight of the fact that your entryway will serve as your guests’ introduction to the home. This is the first interior space that they will see and feel. The value of a first impression cannot be overstated. If you are striving for a Mediterranean style, for instance, then it is quite important that you nail that atmosphere in the entryway lest you undermine the entire effort.

Interior Design

A foyer can be an amazing space when it comes to interior design. Think of it as a canvas that you can use to give the home its personality. If you like the idea of a grand piano being the centerpiece for your entrance, then you are going to need the space and the scope to accommodate it.


An entryway also serves as a transition between the front door and one or more areas of the home. What rooms will the foyer connect? What activities are common to those rooms, and how often do you expect those activities? Picture your home completed and your entrance being used on a normal day.

Resale Appeal

Something else to consider when choosing an entryway and staircase for your custom built home is the appeal it will have to homebuyers. Even if you never intend to sell your home, optimizing resale value is one of the ways that you protect your investment. As mentioned, grand entryways are the trend, and as always, it is important to strike a balance between your preferences and broader appeal.