Building a custom home is a milestone event that you may have been eagerly looking forward to for many years. Many people begin this process with reasonable expectations, but they are jarred into an unexpectedly stressful experience when those expectations do not play out exactly as they have anticipated.

Regardless of how reasonable your assumptions about the building process are, remember that you and your contractor are responsible for the budget, the timeline and the quality of work completed by the contractors. If you want to avoid unpleasant situations related to your assumptions, it is best to clear the air upfront and stay on the same team. By asking your Alair Homes New Braunfels general contractor a few important questions before work begins, you educate yourself and develop more realistic expectations about the process.

The Communication Process

When you select a reputable contractor like Alair Homes New Braunfels, expect open and accurate communication throughout the process. However, remember that contractors and their staff are very busy managing subcontractors and ensuring that quality work is completed on time and on budget.

Ask about who your primary contact will be throughout the project and what the best methods of communication are. In most cases, this is the project manager. It is also reasonable to expect timely updates regarding the status of your construction project. Understand how you are to receive those and what ways are best to respond if you have concerns or find the need to make a change.

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Expectations About the Timeline

You are certainly eager to get settled into your new home as soon as possible. This anxiousness is normal and something every client experiences. It is also understandable that you need to know the final completion date for the construction project. This gives you time to make relocation plans, schedule furniture delivery and more.

The construction process can be delayed by bad weather, subcontractor issues, inspection issues or other issues beyond your general contractor’s control. Hiring a reputable team often results in closer adherence to the timeline. However, understand that the timeline is not set in stone. Your builder should provide a closer approximation about a completion date as progress is made.

Subcontractor Selection and Efforts

Some people want to know more about each subcontractor who will work on their home. By hiring a builder, you are allowing that professional to select subcontractors who they know and trust to work on the construction project. In many cases, these are subcontractors that they have a close relationship with and that are known for doing quality work. However, in many cases, your builder will have multiple subcontractors that could be called to complete different projects.

Your builder should respect your input on the process of hiring subcontractors. However, listen to their expert advice too. Allowing your builder freedom and flexibility in this area enhances the ability for your builder to stay on time and on budget.

Building a custom home is sometimes stressful, but your selection of the right builder and willingness to communicate decreases stress and can promote the successful completion of a gorgeous home that lives up to your high expectations. If your builder has not already addressed these and other questions that you have, now is a great time to clear the air and get your questions answered.