If you are planning a home remodel, you may have some questions regarding the time, the cost and the possible problems involved with the process. The length of time it takes to transform your house could be just a few days for repainting or up to several months if the entire is house is being upgraded. While it is easy to to determine what needs to be changed, it is more challenging to estimate the expenses. The experienced team at Alair Homes New Braunfels is here to help.


The typical cost for a remodel is about $100 to $200 for each square foot of space. This is why you should have a designer or remodeling professional to assist you in calculating the costs and building a budget. Once this has been determined, you can decide how you want to finance the project. If you have enough cash on hand, that will make it easy. Alternately, get in touch with your bank about a personal loan, refinancing options or a home equity loan. Also consider how much a loan will add to your general expenses.


Before you start the bidding process, decide how much and what type of renovation you need. You will receive more accurate quotes by being specific. Do your research to find the right contractor for your project. Check sites on the internet, read peer reviews, ask about past projects and get recommendations from family and friends. Also, remember to compare the bids apples to apples. A contractor who offers you the lowest price may not be the best option. Be sure to clearly understand what they are offering for that price as well as what their reputation and level of experience looks like.


While your home is being remodeled, there will be noise, dirt, dust and a lack of privacy. This is why a timeline is important. It allows you to plan ahead and potentially have another place to go while work is taking place. If you are only updating the kitchen or the bathroom, the disruption should only last a couple of months. A full home update could take up to a year, depending on the size of the house, the materials used, the weather and other contingencies.

Home remodeling requires extensive planning, an investment of time and a great deal of patience. It is worth it in the end because you add value to your home and improve the way you live. In many cases, renovating is less costly than selling your house and buying another. Think practically about your budget and timeline. If you have questions, Alair Homes New Braunfels is always here to help.