Custom Equestrian Home in the Heart of Virginia's Hunt Country

Discover the epitome of equestrian elegance with our Custom Equestrian Home, nestled in the heart of Virginia’s original hunt country. This exclusive property is designed for both the discerning equestrian enthusiast and those seeking a tranquil retreat in a storied locale. With state-of-the-art facilities, sprawling pastures, and bespoke luxury living spaces, each detail of this home celebrates the rich heritage and natural beauty of Virginia’s prestigious equestrian landscape. Experience the ultimate in countryside living, where tradition meets modern sophistication in a serene, picturesque setting.
Collaborating on a distinctive and personal living space

Collaborating on a distinctive and personal living space

Building this custom home in Virginia’s Hunt Country for this family was immensely rewarding. From the initial design to the final touches the collaboration on this project was great. The homeowner’s vision and the area’s rich equestrian heritage were seamlessly integrated, resulting in a distinctive and personal living space.

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