The smallest details can make the biggest statement in your home. Whether you are remodeling or building a new, custom home, you can incorporate spectacular design elements in some of the most unassuming places – like your faucet fixtures.

Like most home design features, though, there is a thin line between making a statement and maintaining a timeless design. It’s a good idea to consider your options and choose a faucet that meets your needs now and into the future



Trends by Necessity

In general, faucet designs change based on what’s happening in the overall interior design industry. Some alterations are purely aesthetic while others are more functional. New design elements have generated the need for new shapes, sizes, and other physical attributes.

In the kitchen, today’s homeowners crave the functionality of commercial appliances and fixtures. One such fixture that is in high demand right now is deep, roomy sinks. Their large basins make washing pots and pans a breeze, but homeowners soon realized that traditional, low-profile faucets simply get in the way. To solve this problem, industrial-style pull-down faucets with high arcs are now in high demand – allowing homeowners to wash and rinse items with ease.

Beechwood - Custom Built Home - Master Bath Wet RoomIn the bathroom, freestanding tubs are all the rage. Manufacturers have answered demand by designing a wide variety of unique and beautiful floor-standing faucets.

Also in the bathroom, vessel sinks have become extremely popular. Since their higher profiles require wall-mounted faucets with longer spouts, manufacturers have developed some unique and graceful faucets to complement vessels of all kinds. Some even serve as their own water features, with channel spouts creating graceful cascades of water.

In the shower, minimalist designs are in vogue. The days of elaborate, car-wash-like showers with body sprayers are gone; homeowners are now looking for bells and whistles tucked away inside one simple unit, like a rain head. These elegant showerheads now come in all shapes in sizes, and they offer a vast array of impressive features.

Trends by Design

Design trends are born out of societal wants and needs, and they can arise from nearly anything. This year, we’ve seen faucet trends surface due to darker wood stains and paints, shifting demographics, and new technologies – just to name a few.

Here are the faucet design trends you should be watching in 2018:

  1. Bolder Finishes – There’s no doubt that brushed nickel and polished chrome are still holding strong in 2018. Yet, cabinets with darker stains and paints are leading the way for more colorful options when it comes to faucet finishes. Look for matte black and warm gold tones, like bronze, copper, and brass, to pick up steam as we head into 2019.
  2. Purposeful Features – As Baby Boomers age, manufacturers are scrambling to incorporate ease-of-use into their designs. This year, once hard-to-find convenience features have become increasingly commonplace. You can find faucets that are motion-, tap- or foot-activated, or that have one single handle, for both your kitchen and bathrooms. For the shower, hand-held showerheads are now everywhere – typically packaged with a stationary wall-mount unit.
  3. Innovative Technology – How would you like to tell your shower to turn on to your desired temperature and water flow setting? You can. Advances in technology have transformed faucets into “smart” fixtures that serve a greater purpose. You can now find ones that can do everything from conserve water to fight bacteria. There are even faucets that reduce splashes with laminar flow technology.
  4. Mix & Match Styling – One thing is certain: no single style reigns supreme in 2018. Whether you’re mixing modern with rustic or contemporary with industrial, manufacturers get it. Some are updating the look of traditional settings (e.g., making handles widespread) while others are offering collections featuring mix and match spouts so that consumers can create one-of-a-kind looks for their homes.

When you’re ready to rethink your faucets, take a good, hard look at your current ones first. Make a list of what you love and what you hate, and then use that information as a baseline for your must-have features.

It’s All in the Details

It is important to remember that trends come and go, but you’ll probably want to live with your new faucets for a decade or more. If you wouldn’t have liked a particular finish or style ten years ago, will you like it ten years from now?

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