As we look to see what’s trending in luxury custom homebuilding for 2023, we see how things we suddenly had to do have become things we now want to do.  

Due to the pandemic, we had to stay home for work and entertainment. Our homes became offices, eateries, gyms, and playgrounds because there was no alternative. 

 Now, it seems more of us want to stay home, as many of these building trends imply. There is less demand for formal living spaces and more focus on making daily living more comfortable, accessible, inviting, and functional. 

Staying Natural with Raw Materials 

The migration from city-life to more urban environments has made the natural yet elegant aesthetic popular in new builds. Construction materials for luxury homebuilding are trending toward raw materials such as stone, wood, and glass. 

 Indoors, neutral tones and large open spaces with plenty of natural light create a cozy atmosphere. Adding plants and energy-efficient windows with views of surrounding nature helps the home feel less restricted and isolated from the world. 

Why we love this trend: 

Timeless beauty and strength. 

Holistic nature experiences—indoor or out. 

Indoor live plants help purify the air and create colorful focal points. 

Fun and Functionality Using SMART Technology 

SMART devices do more than play music and turn on the lights. Integrated into a home, they make our daily lives more efficient, accessible, and sustainable.  

 Voice commands and remote access tech devices are widely available, with everything from HVAC controls to security systems and daily task planning. We can stay on top of our energy use with environmentally friendly appliances and monitoring apps. Everyone—from children, guests, those with disabilities, to anyone with their hands full— can have ease of access to lights, calls, and calendars. 

 More electronics means more wiring, so plenty of convenient outlets and ways to camouflage cords are a must in every space. 

 Why we love this trend: 

The ability to make a call, turn off appliances or have an impromptu dance party makes our daily at-home lives more convenient, safe, efficient, and fun. 

Going Inside-Out 

Incorporating outdoor green spaces into our living spaces helps make entertaining and stay-at-home occasions a breeze. Fresh air and natural scenery are beneficial for physical and mental health—so it’s no surprise that there is an organic trend for incorporating green spaces in home building now. 

 While outdoor living spaces are dependent on things like landscape and climate, there are many ways to take inside living outside. Consider patios with weather-related comforts like fans, awnings and heaters, or outdoor kitchens and rooftop terraces—by thinking outside the box, any space that allows us to enjoy the sounds, smells, and sights that nature brings will become a much-used living area. 

 Why we love this trend: 

Even in the largest spaces, the walls can begin to close in. Outdoor spaces are convenient and accessible options for receiving the benefits of nature right outside the door. 

 “You’re On Mute.” 

Almost no one was immune to having video meetings the last few years—and trying to find a spot at home that had enough light, limited noise, nice backgrounds, and good connectivity was a common conundrum. And it wasn’t just for those working from home; families celebrated birthdays, parents met with teachers, virtual dates, and home-buying tours all happened on video calls. 

 While it’s not the norm for everything now like it was then, most of us have become used to the idea of needing a space in our homes that is comfortably and reliably camera worthy. The home office has evolved from being a nook or corner of a room to needing to be a functional office space of its own. 

 Home building trends for 2023 show an increase in home office space that includes aesthetically pleasing built-in storage, large windows, soundproofing and dedicated backdrops for professional video calls. Also trending: adding more than one office space to accommodate multiple work-from-home and homeschooling family members.  

 Why we love this trend: 

Making video calls from home is difficult when you are worried about someone seeing an errant piece of laundry or constant interruptions. Having a dedicated, comfortable, and functional home office makes those “you’re on mute” calls less stressful. 

Upscaled Utility and Storage 

Areas that are normally hidden away and neglected are now getting some spotlight. Spaces like pantries, laundry rooms and closets are getting upgrades with luxury and design in mind. 

 Designers are incorporating luxury materials to upscale utilitarian features. Countertops and flooring are just as carefully chosen in these spaces as in the rest of the home. Special touches that keep mess away from living areas like pet-washing stations and mud rooms are efficient additions with high value.  

 More builds are including convenient and accessible features such as elevators, prep kitchens and complete home gyms designed with aesthetics in mind. 

 Why we love this trend: 

Laundry and meal prep don’t feel as dreadful when the space we do them in is pleasant and convenient. 

There’s No Place Like Home 

Now that we are no longer stuck at home, we’ve come to realize how nice it can be to be at home together. We have learned to be prepared for stay-at-home periods and have become accustomed to some of the comforts of being at home more—and that shows in these luxury custom building trends for 2023. 





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