Whether you are looking to build a custom home or renovate certain spaces, our team at Alair Homes Hickory can assist you in planning for your future by designing a personalized home customized to your health, needs, and independence. Planning alone can be challenging especially since you never know how your needs may change. Our team of experts can guide you through aging in place options so that your home can work for you now and well into the future.  

Maybe you or your family member does not need help at the moment, however being proactive and planning ahead provides peace of mind and solutions for when things do come up. We feel that many Universal Design components should be incorporated into everyone’s home, regardless of their age, health, or lifestyle. 

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) 

This construction designation was created by The National Association of Home Builders, in partnership with the AARP and NAHB Research Center. The CAPS curriculum incorporates market demographics, common barriers and solutions, building codes and standards, product ideas and resources, and business management. With the incorporation of these design principles, your home will be more convenient, accessible, and safer to live in. Our team of certified CAPS professionals are dedicated to collaborating with you and providing a wide knowledge of design advances and products available that blend safety and accessibility all while keeping style.  

What Does Aging in Place Mean to You? 

Every situation is unique, so aging in place will mean something different for everyone. For some, aging in place is remaining in a home or community close to a supportive network of friends and family. Others may see it as an opportunity to make a home more accessible and comfortable for aging family members. These ideas are used with Universal Design techniques which means it works for everyone! Our team can provide solutions that are safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing for whatever needs you may have. 

Benefits of Aging in Place


The overall goal is to make your home safer with less maintenance and fewer obstacles. This practical approach can improve one’s quality of life, satisfaction, and self-esteem. Equipping your home with aging in place modifications can have a positive impact on health and independence.  

Familiarity & Comfort 

Aging in place in a familiar environment is an important safety concern. When you feel familiar with your living space, you feel more secure in the place you know and love. Your familiarity with your home can also help us understand how you currently live in your home and what needs to change or be improved on.  Comfort can come in different opportunities, from a higher commode to understanding how the HVAC systems work together can all pay dividends for the future.  

Cost Effective 

Renovating your home is by far more cost effective compared to living in senior living and/or long-term care facilities. Choosing to renovate allows you to customize a home that prioritizes your needs without giving up your aesthetic style. When building a custom home project you can choose many items to reduce future costs of changes. Many of our clients are building a retirement home and planning to live in the home for many years.  Getting rid of stairs and keeping the master on the main level is something we strive for.  

Our team would love to help you create seamless designs and modifications to your new home or existing structure, so that you can live comfortably in your home. Contact us today about your aging in place design/build needs. 

Stay tuned next month as Alair Homes Hickory Partner Cody Byrd shares expert advice and tips for designing a home for aging in place