There is nothing like looking forward to owning your dream masterpiece home in Greenville. Maybe you have saved enough to start construction, but you are torn by pinpointing the exact features to include in your luxury home. The market has many lavish feature options and deciding on what to go for can be a mind-boggling affair. However, there is no need to fret as this article offers a list of the lavish features that will be a perfect match for your custom built home. Keep reading to learn more.

High-tech Appliances and Home Features

Thanks to the advent of technology, life nowadays is made rather easy and this should be reflected in your masterpiece of a home. Many homeowners have embraced technology developments in their custom built homes and you shouldn’t be an exception. Such features include use of Wi-Fi in their homes and appliances. Perfect examples include Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioning, surrounding sound management and security systems. There are even refrigerators controlled by touch screens or washers and dryers that are friendly to the environment. It is a no-brainer that life not only feels good with such luxurious appliances and home features, but it also becomes convenient.

Elegant Pools and Spas

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You cannot talk about leisure without mentioning a pool, right? Modern homeowners have gone a notch-higher on how they make their swimming pools and spas. Emphasis is on the style and comfort in spas and pools of today’s custom built homes. As a result of this, crystal clear custom-made pools, elaborate fountains and stone-trimmed spas are becoming more common. Wouldn’t you feel great when your custom built home offers relaxing treats from a beautiful spa located in your backyard?

Functional Home Offices

Who wouldn’t love to work in the comfort of their own home? It is along these lines many homeowners living a high-end life prefer working in their masterpiece homes. The ideal quietness needed in a working environment is more easily found in homes than in commercial buildings. That is why having an office in your luxurious custom built home is a step in the right direction.

Cozy Intergenerational Living Suites

In the past, having a game room and a pool were the main features of a luxurious custom built home. Many luxury masterpiece homes in Greenville today incline towards having an additional living suite instead. Homeowners today are opting to include a comfortable living suite setup adjacent to the main living room to offer comfort and privacy to guests. For frequent visits from relatives, you may want to consider a separate apartment. This cozy suite may sometime include a kitchen, a spacious living area, and even separate parking spaces.

Top-notch Workout Spaces

Are you the type that loves keeping fit? If the answer is an emphatic yes, then a workout area is a must-have in your custom built home. Having such an area means that you will be able to enjoy the gym no matter the weather. What’s incredible about these workout spaces is the fact that they offer an ideal environment that helps stay in fine fettle throughout the year. Some come with skylights, full windows, and enough space for a home theater.


You can never go wrong with fitting luxurious features in your custom built home. Luxury comes with comfort and this way you enjoy the value of your money. The above features are the perfect start to figuring out what works best for your masterpiece home. With the unforgiving economy today, make sure that what you choose does not poke holes into your wallet. Contact Alair Homes to see how you may modify your dream features for your own custom home.