Few things are more enjoyable than scouting for land perfect for custom home building. The joy can however be short lived if caution is thrown to the wind and it would be good to know what it takes to keep the joyful pursuit burning. If you are planning to buy land now or in the near future, the following tips will ensure you never have to suffer buyer’s remorse!

Talk To Professionals

Navigating the world of custom home building can be slippery, especially if you are taking this journey for the first time. There are blind spots that you can easily overlook as a buyer and the best way to keep trouble at bay is to bring professionals such as architects, builders and real estate agents on board. With the help of such experts, you will be on top of things in terms of things like “perc tests” that measure the soil percolation rate among other factors that are known to render land unbuildable.

Spread The Word

You stand a better chance to make your home ownership dreams a reality by letting others know that you are in the market for land. Every person you inform about your plans to purchase land edges you a step closer to becoming successful in your quest. Family, friends, and workmates are a great place to start and there is a good chance that some might know about a good deal out there.

Custom Home Greenville Property
The perfect property might be closer than you think.


Relying on a seller’s description about the land’s boundaries is a step in the wrong direction. The only word that you should believe is that coming from an experienced surveyor. A survey is a guaranteed way of confirming land boundaries that have not been defined over the years. It is along the same lines that you need to do a title search just to wipe out any liens against the land.

Contingency Of Sale

Searches and tests need to be done before making any payment, but there are times when this might not be possible. A case in point is the percolation test that is sometimes done after a buyer has purchased the property. Under such circumstances, a “Contingency Of Sale” becomes your best friend – think of it as a safety net that saves your hard earned money in the event that the land fails to pass the percolation test, or any other. Keep in mind that land and home purchases might not be regulated in the same way and it would be wise to research on protective measures.

The joy of custom home building comes with lots of joy. If you desire to keep it that way, always consider these tips before buying that land you’ve in mind.